What was/is your goal out of your college education?

<p>What did/do you want to get out of going to college (and maybe include why you chose Berkeley for that reason)? </p>

<p>For example, I met someone the other day who changed is major from engineering to something that earns only about $40,000 which seems pretty low to me. </p>

<p>I always assumed people would come to make over $100,000 or $200,000 and yes, i know it's not about money but just wondering what people aspire to get out of going here. Honestly, I think it's a waste of money for me to go here lol my parents pay tuition in full and idk how this college is going to help me but we'll see....</p>

<p>The college does not help you; it is you who is ultimately responsible for your own future. College is what you make it. I have seen students transferring from local community colleges with stronger writing and math skills and more disciplined study habits that many of the Cal students.
I chose a major that may pay less than $40K or could make ma a millionaire, depending on how I play my cards in the real world. The job market is not what it used to be so never assume that anything will give you the expected salary. I believe that many law schools got in trouble by making similar claims. As for what I got from Cal? --A few very close friends, bragging rights for graduating with honors and no student debt, and ability to spot opportunity.</p>

<p>I chose Anthropology. In case you haven’t looked at the job listings in the newspaper, let me tell you there are no openings for Anthropologists with a BA only.</p>

<p>I went back to school to see how I would do since I failed out of high school. I wanted to learn about the world and how it works. I am the first of my family to ever go to college and I put myself through entirely. </p>

<p>So what do I want out of school? Mostly, the skills I gained through the experience. Putting myself through school, making the transfer, and all that comes with maintaining a high GPA at this school. Those are skills many employers look for. However, if my resume just said “Anthropology” it would not get me any further than just having Berkeley on my resume. Having my list of accomplishments and things I am involved with make me a more attractive job candidate. (High GPA, Senior Honors Thesis, On-campus job, internship, stand-out projects, etc). </p>

<p>Basically, a degree from Berkeley, along with showing that I can do well, handle projects on my own, analyze and think critically about content, have good personal and people skills, be able to manage my time and human capital well, and all the other intrinsic qualities of my education will help me get my foot in the door to a job that may start me out at $40k. </p>

<p>That is great starting pay for a college graduate with a non-specialized degree. But that is just a starting point. If you are the same persistant person that did well at Cal, you will take those skills and advance your career to a better place and better pay. College preps you and hones your skills, but after you leave it is up to you to earn that higher paying job. The advantage is Cal prepared you for that, as opposed to someone who did not have the experience of a rigorous education like Berkeley offers.</p>

<p>^i’m certain employers would be impressed by your resume and your motivation.
why don’t you to go to graduate school for a higher degree?</p>

<p>i’ll probably get a job at Intel or Apple (making over $90k) to work as an electrical engineer. and eventually will go to graduate school for my ph.d.</p>

<p>what are some good things to do while at Berkeley? I feel like I’m not doing much compared to others. I don’t have any leadership positions (and I’ve tried unfortunately to get them). But I have volunteered and interned mostly, i have a part-time job that really doesn’t require me more than maybe a few times a month…dont ask. lol</p>

<p>^^ what is your major?</p>

<p>In order of priority:</p>

<li>Learn engineering and business skills so that I might work at a company or start my own after college.</li>
<li>Make friends. Get laid (I’m being honest!).</li>
<li>Explore intellectual interests (may or may not replace #1), like philosophy.</li>

<p>My goal was to be the best person I could be and to grow mentally, physically, and socially.</p>

<p>I forced myself to get out of my shell and to go try as many new things as I can. I met hipsters, hippies, FOBS, Muslims, hispanics, International students, LGBT, etc.</p>

<p>As both a humanities and engineering major I try to keep an open mind and be an interesting person. When I grow old and write my autobiography, it better be fun to write an read.</p>

<p>Skill wise I just dive head in and pick up stuff. No one is going to judge you for trying to learn something new. On the contrary they will try to help you out. </p>

<p>College is a place where you get what you put in. Life doesn’t owe you anything - You have to earn what you get. I definitely matured a lot since I was a freshman. I made a lot of mistakes, but good thing I am young and can learn from them. I realized that money isn’t everything and that your youth is limited. Balance work, life, and play. Learn to be happy. If you can at least learn that, I think that you have a good chance at life.</p>

<p>attending Cal for me is like an all expense paid (fabulous) vacation, after working full time for my entire life. i already have a profession that i absolutely love, and will not even get a degree in that field. school is so much fun; i can read books and write papers, and frankly in my view that is just goofing around. i am also planning on continuing onto graduate school—maybe at a european university, or here in california. and next summer i am planning to study abroad. it is also important for me to get that little piece of paper that says i graduated from Cal because it sets a good example for the younger people in my family. </p>

<p>life is filled with adventures and school is yet another one. why am i going to Cal? because i am a californian and one of the lucky few who gets to attend the best public school in the world. it is an amazing place steeped with history and exploring the campus is really a privilege. just a gold mine of interesting things to explore: libraries, people, buildings, and the best of all—the students! i love the students at Cal, what amazing people to meet and spend time with. i would not miss this for the world and will not take a second of this experience for granted. i often think of students in india and china who dream of coming here. and me, it is just my local public school. thanks for asking.</p>