What was the feature of REED college admissions this year?

<p>Has anyone got a hint how the reedies chose their students this year?</p>

<p>Based on my experience (limited, to be sure!) one of the main determinants in acceptance is how badly you want to attend. I think it's important to fully throw yourself into the process if Reed is the school you chose. Another important determinant is your need for FA. If you have a gpa below 3.7 (or worse...), don't even bother asking. The need for FA will keep you out. Again, my limited experience. The applicants I know who didn't ask for FA and applied ED with gpa's way below 3.7 and no ECs (but real passion for Reed, and good recs in a specific subject) got right in. Those who applied regular D, with FA, and a better GPA (above 3.7), great ECs, were either WL or rejected. Reed is a great school for the right kid- I think it's a matter of being totally committed and having the good fortune to not need any FA.</p>

<p>I agree with mimimomx3's advice on the correlation between how badly you want to attend and acceptance (granted, there will be exceptions!).
I showed interest in Reed freshman year of high school and kept a steady correspondance with them even past the date applications were due.
My gpa, however, was a 3.5 and I had immense financial need, yet I think it was through my contact with them, essay, and interview that I proved to them how much I wanted to attend.
There really is no formula on how to get in, especially with Reed; just do your best and hopefully the admissions committee will see the inner reedie in you. (That last bit sounds corny, but I mean it.)</p>

<p>We used to drive to whatever college fair Reed was at in our area, just so that my son could basically stand around with them and be freakishly excited about Reed. He even spent his birthday there one year on an overnight. Pretty much, he was like a crushy stalker boyfriend. <em>grin</em> But it worked well for him, and he loves it there.</p>