What Was The Lowest Point Of Your High School Year Academically and Mentally

You might think it’s insensitive of me to talk about mental health issues on a college preparation page. However, the reason I’m asking is because I feel that right now-my lowest point of my high school year-is preventing me from doing things rising seniors should be doing such as applying for college, studying and registering for the SAT. I feel like everything for me has gone downhill. I thought I would improve myself from freshman year but instead I feel like I’m making things for myself worse-and I have made things worse, especially junior year. I did a lot of mistakes which may cost me my whole college application. I’m not going into further more detail about my life, I just wanted to know if other
people have felt this way about themselves during their senior year before. It’s okay if you don’t want to answer. I just wanted someone to relate to. Thanks.

Freshman year, my mother and I were both hospitalized (her for months), which made me fall behind in school. Ended up with two Bs my second semester (both 89s which is annoying), but I’ve gotten all As since then, so that’s okay. Hope you’re doing well, though.

I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I hope you and your mom are okay now.

End of first semester junior year during finals week. Got about 20 hours of sleep in a week, and got two D’s on finals I thought I’d breeze through (scratched out an A in both classes somehow following a curve). I was so exhausted I almost passed out walking in the hallways in between tests. It was brutal, and suffice to say I questioned a lot of my choices at that moment. I’m the type that functions best on 10+ hours of sleep though, so I was asking for it.

Sorry to hear that things are rough for you right now. Keep in mind everyone is struggling right now though. Literally nobody has any clue (including AO’s!) how admissions are going to work next year, half the country can’t even go to school, and meaningful contact with others is next to impossible. Always play the long game, and know that college applications are just one stop in your life. You still have so many years ahead of you to pick up the work and do cool things with cool people, so have some faith in yourself. Everybody makes mistakes. It’s how you respond to them and grow as a person that makes the difference.