what was your interesting high school activity or situation that deals with science

<p>your interesting high school activity or situation that deals with science</p>

<p>As the name implies, I'm an astronomy-obsessed person. This became pretty obvious on my application but since I'm not one to brag I won't say details. Let's just say by the end of it there was some national recognition involved.
I also got a Ham radio liscence when I was sixteen, which is not very mainstream but I hear is good on apps if you want to be an engineer. I dunno, I just did it to have fun myself...</p>

<p>being in california we have a great marine biology class. we went out to albion near santa cruz and went hunting for limpets. since i had a fish license i got to hunt for abalone and other creatures. halfway through the year i'm able to identify around 200 hundred different marine organisms as well as recall their scientific name..</p>

<p>plus i got a nice collection to boot of abalone shells. mucho fun.</p>

<p>For one of my classes I intern at a hospital and on several occasions I have gone into a patients room (after knocking even) to find that they had gotten frustrated with the gown because they couldn't figure out how to tie it so they decided to go au naturel.</p>

<p>this deals more with engineering, but FIRST Robotics is by far my favorite high school science activity, if there is a team near you, you should get involved</p>

<p>oh yeah that reminds me...as a hospital intern i also had to deliver a body bag to a nurse after a patient had passed away. it was sad to think that i was holding a bag that will be used to hold a dead person.</p>

<p>A lot of nothing</p>

<p>Team America Rocketry Competition.</p>

<p>my friend is doing Intel. Hell, I know 6 more people doing Intel at my school... (I'm not)</p>