What was your interesting high school activity or situation that deals with science

<p>title is the question</p>

<p>science demonstration (practically almost killed a teacher upon attempts to create a dynamite and another friend with 500 ml of 30% Hydrogen Peroxide) FUN!!! though</p>

<p>a molecular biology project: trying to extend a polypeptide with PCR ...</p>

<p>a science camp for students in urban high school</p>

<p>biology tutor and lab demonstrator (totally 15 frogs and 4 cockcroaches dissected)</p>

<p>biology olympiad and competitions</p>

<p>Just curious valecollegorian, what do you plan on majoring in?</p>


<p>combustion lab, where i didnt read the instruction saying:
"place test-tube in rack before introducing the burning splinter"
so, i held it in my hand! and the flame that came out of the tube when i put the splinter in almost singed my friend's beard!</p>

<p>an other time, one of my friends goes:
(to the teacher): "Sir, how can I believe that to be alcohol. You could just be using water an lying!"
the teacher: "dave, clear your desk." he poured the liquid on his desk and set it on fire while the guy was sitting there!!! (desk had a fire proof coating)</p>

<p>3 year internship/project @ NASA. Sent materials into space. </p>

<p>Not doing science @ Penn, either.</p>