What weighted HS GPA calculation methods have you seen?

What weighted HS GPA calculation methods have you seen, both at high schools and at colleges that recalculate HS GPA?


University of California recalculation: using 10th-11th grade academic (“a-g”) courses, +1 for UC-designated honors (including AP and most IB) courses and transferable college courses, three variants (unweighted, weighted-capped (up to 8 semesters of +1 honors points, most commonly seen on UC web sites), fully weighted). Calculator here: GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub

California State University recalculation: same as University of California weighted-capped recalculation, except that a semester college course counts as two courses with two grades. One campus (San Luis Obispo) includes 9th grade courses and grades.

University of Central Florida recalculation: using academic courses with +1 for AP / IB / AICE / DE and +0.5 for pre-AP / pre-IB / pre-AICE: FAQ:How is my high school GPA calculated for admission?

University of Florida recalculation: using academic courses and weighted as described at How will UF compute my high school GPA? » Questions » University of Florida , but weighting values are not given.

South Carolina standardized HS GPA calculation: https://ed.sc.gov/tests/tests-files/eocep-files/uniform-grading-policy-february-2018/

Here’s one I bet you haven’t seen before, for a weighted GPA.

Honors, College In High School (CHS = Dual Enrollment), and AP courses add 0.04, 0.06, and 0.08 points to your GPA for a 1.0 credit class (0.5x for half year, 1.4x for a 7 period-per-week science lab course). Capped at 0.26, 0.34, 0.48, and 0.48 in 9th/10th/11th/12th grade, respectively. Weighting is limited by year, not pro-rated by quarter/semester. C or better required to earn the extra weighting.

So a maximum 5.56 graduating weighted GPA.

This is the “simplified” weighting process put in place two years ago.

(Unweighted GPA is just A=4, B=3, etc., weighted by number of credits.)