What will a perfect ACT score do

<p>Just as the title asks, how will a perfect act score (36) change your college admissions. Would you be able to get into pretty much any university?</p>

<p>A 36 would definitely boost your admission chances, but nothing is guaranteed.</p>

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<p>It might get you a presidential scholar nomination. But there are schools that reject applicants with perfect test scores.</p>

<p>A perfect ACT score can validate a high GPA, and will certainly help your application, but it is by no means a guarantee of admission to competitive schools.</p>

<p>It will open up some doors for scholarships/merit based aid. Top tier schools are notorious for rejecting even people with perfect test scores however.</p>

<p>Top tier schools require the entire package, including GPA, ECs, and test scores, but at anything below the top tier, your chances of admission are extremely high unless you have some other major blemish on your record.</p>

<p>"Would you be able to get into pretty much any university?" No, certainly not, as others have said.</p>

<p>Will you get offers from some great universities? Absolutely. Congrats. Now use some of that ACT 36 brain power to craft a good set of target schools and plan carefully how to market yourself. There are some real opportunities for you but the top schools' slots aren't just sitting on a shelf for you to pick and choose. Good luck to you.</p>