What will get my application recinded?

I got into UCSC for electrical engineering with a 3.86UC gpa and 1460 on the new sat. Junior year I got pretty much all A- and this year for first semester I got all A with 2 A-. Senoiritis has kicked in and I have B in all my classes halfway through my second semester. I’m continuing to raise my grades up, but I was wondering if ending this semester with B will get my acceptance rescinded. My gpa will be above a 3.0 for sure, but it said they can rescind if my gpa is lower than my first semester gpa.

I’m not going to use this as an excuse to let my grades drop if I can slack off, but I don’t want to have my English grade, for example, drop to a B+ from an A- and then lose my acceptance.

I’m taking 2 AP classes this year as well if that makes any difference.

Is this your first choice? WOW that sat score is just wow lol

It actually wasn’t my first choice, but now that I look more into the school, I’m starting to like it. I got rejected from SLO, UCD, and UCSD, and the only two other schools I applied to are UCSB and UCB. I got 2 C+ in sophomore year and a lot of B, so it brought my gpa down a bit.

And lenky0 I just saw the other thread that said you got accepted. What major are you going into.

@ackables: Did you read the UCSC provisional admission contract?

You are fine as long as you get no D’s or F’s.


I did read that and I was confused about the “consistent with your previous coursework” part. That line seems really subjective, and I don’t want to end up in trouble because I interpreted that line incorrectly and didn’t bother asking anyone else.

I’m pretty sure the “consistency” part means that you have to be within one GPA point of your previous GPA, so if you got a 3.8 last semester you can’t get below a 2.8. I remember reading that on another thread.

Ok that answered my question. Thanks