What will I need to do.

<p>I'm commuting from home this year to college (freshman). I've got 15k/year in merit aid, which is enough to have no debt. I would like to move to an off-campus apartment (live on my own, not with parents) sophmore year and beyond as I have some outside scholarships and jobs I'm targeting. However, my school says that I still need to file a FASFA to continue recieving my merit aid. Ok, so at that point what will I have to do given that I plan to live on my own while attending college in terms of filing a FASFA. Thanks for the help, this stuff is confusing.</p>

<p>File the FAFSA. There is a place on it to indicate on campus/off campus housing. Just indicate off campus. Everyone has to live somewhere while they attend college. Just fill out the FAFSA, indicate where you live, and that's that.</p>