what will my goals require to become reality

<p>So I left high school halfway through junior year to pursue what i though at the time was a great opportunity. I now realize that i was just chasing a quick buck and never really finished what i started out to do. I was attending a pretty well known private high school on an academic scholarship, so I should've known college was the right path, it just took me a while to appreciate and realize that. I'm enrolled at BU's Met college this fall and plan on continuing until I am eligible for admission into their undergrad program. Now I am only 21, and well MET is an incredible opportunity, I really want the whole college experience I could have had from the beginning and attend either CGS or the College of Management and have the networking and life opportunities of my peers as well as the great education BU offers. What will it take for me to get there, any advice would be great.</p>