What will you do after you read the letter?

<p>If accepted?
If wait-listed?
If rejected?</p>

<p>Will you go visit campus if accepted?
Will you attend?</p>

<p>Accepted: Breathe a huge sigh of relief, smile incessantly, and tell my family.</p>

<p>Wait-listed: Assume rejection. See below.</p>

<p>Rejected: Breathe a sigh of disappointment. Ponder where I went wrong/what was wrong with my app. Sulk.</p>

<p>If accepted and given enough FinAid to attend, I will definitely visit.</p>

<p>accepted: grin, tell fam, but still count the days till my #1's desicions come out</p>

<p>wait-listed: shug and say wutev, but still count the days till my #1's decisions come out</p>

<p>rejected: oh well. i didn't really wanna go there too much anyway. and still count the days till my #1 decisions come out :)</p>

<p>It seems so far I'm the only who has Vandy as their top choice.</p>

<p>Accepted: SCREAM MY FREAKING LUNGS OUT. RUN AROUND THE BLOCK (maybe still screaming). JUMP THE HIGHEST I'VE EVER JUMPED IN MY LIFE. Call up all my family. Write a big thank-you note to my admissions counselor.
Waitlist: Get sad, but I will have expected it. Then I'll just get to work on writing ANOTHER Why Vanderbilt? essay. I'll still have hope, though.
Rejected: I'll get REALLY depressed. Maybe suicidal, but I'll get over it. I've dealt with it before. It's just who I am.</p>

<p>Go to YouTube and search something along the lines of Kevin Lee Columbia Acceptance.</p>

<p>lol, that's what Hillary will do....on crack.</p>

<p>hilsa - no, Vandy is definitely son's top choice - just waiting to see about the $$ (which is why it makes me crazy when i read about these kids who have been offered the cornelius and probably won't take it!)</p>

<p><a href="which%20is%20why%20it%20makes%20me%20crazy%20when%20i%20read%20about%20these%20kids%20who%20have%20been%20offered%20the%20cornelius%20and%20probably%20won't%20take%20it!">i</a> *</p>

<p>It is crazy! I really don't understand why kids don't take it. At all. Apparently a top 20 university isn't good enough for some people if it's not top 5.</p>

<p>If accepted I will probably ask someone else to read it to make sure I'm reading it right or pinch myself in case I'm dreaming.</p>

<p>If waitlisted I will continue hoping...</p>

<p>If rejected, I will be greatly disappointed but not devastated. I have other options; not my first choice, but acceptable, nonetheless.</p>

<p>It is annoying to see people say they don't care if they get in or they don't plan to go when so many others here would kill for a chance to go to Vandy.</p>

<p>If accepted, read the fine print to see if I will be able to afford it. If so, i'll order a vandy hat. If not, see below.</p>

<p>If waitlisted: see rejection (Im not willing to wait any longer)</p>

<p>If rejected: be even more ticked about affirmative action, possibly get a job at the INS. </p>

(sort of)</p>

<p>If accepted: Jump around, be very excited and honored.
If waitlisted: Be honored that they found me worthy enough to be put on hold. I'll definitely be in contact with admissions if waitlisted.
If rejected: Be very disappointed, I'll probably mope some. I'll just cross my fingers for March 31.</p>

<p>accepted: cry
waitlisted: cry
rejected: cry</p>

<p>(each for a different reason)</p>

<p>haha keen i'm with you there!</p>

<p>so far i have reacted with tears for every kind of decision: accepted, deferred and rejected.</p>

<p>i expect nothing less to come from the vanderbilt letter :)</p>

<p>@ ModernChem,
whats INS</p>

<p>Accepted: Visit the school, and if I like it enroll
Waitlisted: Be happy for being waitlisted
Rejected: (Most Likely going to happen). Stare at my rejection letter for a few minutes, and then start worrying about rejections from my other schools.</p>

<p>@smiley44: I know I'm not ModernChem, but it's Immigration and Naturalization Services. </p>

<p>I already got in (found out last Friday!), but I'll share my reaction and my predicted other reactions:</p>

<p>ACCEPTED: Stare at father's text message ("sit down. deeeeeeeeeeep breath. we got your acceptance letter to Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music..."), then expand eyes to the size of dinner plates and start crying hysterically, "OH MY G<em>D, OH MY G</em>D, OH MY G*D, I GOT IN, I GOT IN, I GOT IN!!!!" and running around the room like a chicken with her head cut off.</p>

<p>WAITLISTED: See rejected.</p>

<p>REJECTED: Cry, then start preparing transfer application from University of South Carolina (where I got a huge scholarship).</p>

<p>...In case you hadn't picked up on it, I'm going. I don't care if they give me a scholarship or not. I'm going to make it work!! Vanderbilt is amazing and by far my no. 1 choice!</p>

<p>Accepted: Smile really big and tell my family
Wait-listed: Get upset and worry about all of my other apps
Rejected: Probably cry</p>

<p>while a fun post (I think), don't forget that the "letters" are contained in a large (or not) envelope. And, if you look closely at the top pic on the blog, the large envelopes say "Congratulations" on the outside, in black and gold, of course. Thus, your fate will be decided on the weight and size before you even "read the letter."</p>

<p>If accepted - SCREAM. Then tears of joy.
If waitlisted - bitterness, frustration, then depression (it will mean that there is a very slight chance for me to get into my first choice school which is Duke.)
If rejected - cry 'cause I won't be getting into my first choice school</p>

<p>I will definitely visit Vandy if I get in. It's prestigious and all of my friends there are in love with the school.
If this is the best school I got into out of the 14 schools I applied to, then yes! I will attend. :)</p>

<p>I don't understand why people apply to 14 schools (I applied to 5). Shouldn't you have visited all schools you are applying to already and thus already know where you'd go come decision time? I think doing it the other way around shows lack of an idea of what sort of college you want to go to. Or maybe my logic is flawed. And kace, this wasn't supposed to bash you at all. That's just how I've felt on the matter.</p>

<p>I feel like if people narrowed down their college lists, then there would be higher acceptance rates because some applicants wouldn't be wasting the admissions offices' time and wouldn't be bumping someone who really wants to go to a school, that the applicant doesn't really want to go to, out. (Yes, that sentence was phrased badly, but I hope you understand)</p>