What will you do if your candidate doesn't win?

<p>I think we all know half the country won't be happy tomorrow (or next week maybe). How will you react? Keep on living?</p>

<p>well, considering the republicans will control the HOuse and probably the Senate, it would make a Bush defeat sting less. Somewhat.</p>

<p>I'll probably eat a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.
If you're looking for a point to that there isn't.</p>

<p>Scream until I can't talk
and flip off everyone who is smiling</p>

<p>Maybe get a plane ticket to CANADA</p>

<p>Don't know, really</p>

<p>I was going to sarcastically say move out of the country but that's too cliche.</p>

<p>If "my" candidate doesn't win, I'll just...waste time on AIM.</p>

<p>Eat some Oreos with that very vanilla soy milk that just came out... I hear it tasted really good, like creamy vanilla cream good.. I think it's Silk.. the one in the purple carton. I wish they sold it in the bulk packs at Costco. That would be seriously candy sugar high sweet.</p>

<p>There's nothing special about it, just taste like plain soy milk. And it's like $4 per carton. I gotta take you to Chinatown in Chicago.</p>

<p>god no one's gonna do anything different, they're gonna be ****ed about it for like a day or 2 and then go on living their lives as normal</p>

<p>soy milk real sweet = lots of sugar = unhealthy (Im a health freak.. and are they trying to be healthy w/soy milk? i drink it regularly [the low sugar/sodium ones]) oreos make me gag. i steer clear of them.</p>

<p>anyways life goes on, should the candidate I'm pulling for not win..</p>

<p>My candidate is a 3rd party, so we all know he won't win, but regardless, I'll probably just follow all the protests and junk so I can write some articles about them for the paper.</p>

<p>The silk soy milk is wonderful! Especially the Vanilla flavor.</p>

<p>I voted for a third party candidate, so my candidate will definitely not win. Between the two, my unofficial clothespin vote goes to Bush. So if Kerry wins, which I fear is going to happen, I will feel very irritated for as long as the media keeps covering his victory. So I will probably avoid watching/reading election news. Likewise if Bush wins I'll also have to do some tuning out. Here in Las Vegas, there are TONS of Kerry supporters who I know will be whining for about a month if Bush is reelected. So either way, I'm going to be avoiding the news.</p>

<p>Civil war!</p>

<p>Kidding. I won't really care much and just live life. It's out of my hands.</p>

<p>^By looking at the votes so far and the map it sure does look that way!</p>

<p>move to Canada... oh wait, I"m already here!!</p>

<p>Thank God!</p>

<p>As many of you move to Canada, I'm moving from Canada. Canada is tooooo liberal for me. If you can believe it, our government is even more liberal than Kerry.</p>

<p>Kerry isn't THAT liberal! I'll probably cry if he doesn't win. Then I will fake sick and stay home tomorrow worrying about being drafted and finishing my college essays on time.</p>

<p>I am so afraid that Bush will win. As a African American girl from the inner city who is about to apply to college I am really going to be afraid. God help us...
Please let Kerry win.</p>

<p>Canada is voting to legalize Marijuana... I don't even know if America has entertained such a notion....</p>

<p>nylover, I don't think that Bush will have any impact on you being an "African american girl from the inner city applying to college"...</p>

<p>it's called affirmative action</p>