What woud you say is most important?

<p>College Board and other this sites have said that Brown expects a 2100 on the SATs but I have noticed from the forums about acceptance and such that sometimes they accept students with as low and 1900s. This forum is to discuss what you think is most important to Brown. Please only post if you have a reason to believe this such as personal experience, articles from verified sources, ect.</p>

<p>Based on a talk given by an admissions officer 2 days ago, I’d have to say:
Demonstration of maturity (intellectual and otherwise)
Demonstration of intellectual curiosity (learning for knowledge’s sake, not just for grades)
Demonstration of the ability to make good use of the open curriculum (the first two fit into that)
Good reasons for “Why Brown?” that are specific to Brown (they shouldn’t be able to replace Brown University with another school in the essay).</p>

<p>Obviously, to show these, the grades and scores have to be good, but they do seem to be looked at in the context of the whole application and clearly aren’t the sole factors.</p>

<p>Hi i’m one of those students with 1870 SAT for ED. I say that personality and intellectual curiosity are two among the important factors they look at.
For the Why Brown? I advise to answer Why you are perfect for Brown rather than why you are for Brown</p>

<p>AmazingOnline, thats helpful to know. It’s really reassuring to know someone with an above average but not out-of-this-world SAT score was successful in applying to Brown. One thing I really like about Brown is that I have heard that they care about personality and such.
Uroogla, I totally agree with you and I think its wonderful that those things are important.</p>

<p>I have one of the lowest SAT scores, and all my test scores are just as poor, I already knew that in applying. But I didn’t believe that they mattered so much. My essays were the strongest part of my application, so you might want to spend most of your time on that.</p>

<p>AmazingOnline, When did you apply? And did you get accepted?</p>

<p>I had a 26 on the ACT when I applied ED this past year, and I was accepted. What Uroogla said is definitely true. If you don’t have the scores though, you have to really stand out in other ways.</p>