What would be an appropriate gift?

<p>I got my Christmas present from my boyfriend yesterday: he got me this beautiful Swarovski crystal necklace. I told him before Christmas that he would get his present when he got back from holiday as I can't stand shopping with the crowds. I still haven't gotten him anything and I am not quite sure what would be appropriate. I thought you all might have some insight- most kids are like "buy him a DVD or something". Any suggestions?</p>

<p>It sounds like he got you a special gift, so you probably should respond in kind. How about a watch?</p>

<p>A nice pocket knife and watch set! or a dvd or something :)</p>

<p>How about a very nice winter scarf, maybe of a luxury fiber like cashmere? Since you live in Germany, it's something that would get used, and he could think of you everythime he puts it on! Or a pair of good quality leather gloves, lined with something warm and cozy.</p>

<p>My College Daughter thought the idea of the really nice scarf and/or gloves was a great one!</p>

<p>..but it sounds as if his gift is "pricey." Also not sure if you are in the same socioeconomic zone. If you aren't, there's no need to match his gift in terms of price. If you are, there is..at least if you aren't intending to send the message that you don't take your relationship as seriously as he does. </p>

<p>How about a MP3 player or Ipod? I don't know the current prices, but last year you could get a good MP3 player for about $70 around here. Load it up with music he likes. Ipods are more..but depending on type, not that much more. </p>

<p>Really good scent. Hey, to me this seemed silly..but when I was looking for my D's boyfriend, someone suggested this. Get a scent that reminds him of you ;-)! I'm serious!!! </p>

<p>If he drinks..a really nice wine or half/full case of the same..or a really nice Scotch..like Glenfiddich (spelling?) or good after dinner drink like Drambuie or Grand Marnier. </p>

<p>A very nice watch. </p>

<p>A subscription to Netflix or the German version thereof it he is German. </p>

<p>A digital camera..</p>

<p>One of those all regions DVD players..and some American movies. (American DVDs won't work on regular EU DVD's.) </p>

<p>Small high powered binoculars--good for both arts and sports enthusiasts</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I really appreciate them. I wrote them all down and I'm taking my mother shopping with me next week.</p>