What would happen if I ran across campus in a Berkeley shirt?

<p>LOL, just wondering. would a homicide investigation take place?</p>

<p>i'm going to be working at Stanford all summer (mostly medical side), and I would like to show my berkeley pride during the summer lol. but i'm pretty scared to do this lol.</p>

<p>i like both schools, i can be at stanford all summer, and then berkeley during the school year, so don't flame me please.</p>

<p>no one would care</p>

<p>*no one would care *</p>

<p>People would probably tease you but I honestly don't think anything would happen. It's mostly conferences/people doing summer school or research during the summer. During Big Game week though --that's another story.</p>

<p>No problem at all. There are students like you on the Stanford campus from all over the country wearing gear with the names of places they attend, their family/friends attend, where they went to summer programs...
I agree that you should skip it during football games.</p>

<p>the better question would be what would happen if you ran across berkeley with a stanford shirt on. The view times I've been at berkeley, someone always seems to yell our way from their car or something.</p>

<p>Basically, interest in the "rivalry" is very one sided. There are obvious reasons for this.</p>

<p>I think it's not only the shirt that gets people's attention but the color. See, wearing Red really stands out among sea of blue and gold, so not a good idea. But if you're at Stanford, no one really cares.</p>

<p>no one cares
you may get some 'Go bear!' tho</p>