What would my scores be..

<p>If i missed 8 in CR, 1 in Math, 2 in writing, and got about a 9 or 10 on the essay. I really think it was 10 and maybe even 11 but I never give myself the benefit of the doubt. Thanks!</p>

<p>700-720? In CR...780-790 in math, around 750 in writing</p>

<p>id say 760-770 in math (1 question drop is harsh usually for math), ~720 CR, and 750-60 in writing</p>

<p>Why is the M curve so harsh while the CR and W curves so generous?</p>

<p>no way math is 750 with 1 wrong. LOL</p>

<p>780 is the lowest it goes out of all the current SAT Tests released</p>

<p>I remember someone telling me that 1 wrong on M section of the PSAT was a 76! :(</p>

<p>The PSAT has fewer questions, so each one is worth more...hence scores near 76 with 1 wrong...</p>

<p>I missed 1 math on the January SAT test and I still got an 800...I highly doubt that 1 wrong is ever equal to 750...at the least I'd say 770</p>