what would my writing score be??

<p>let's say i get 8 or 9 on the essay.....
and i get 10 wrongs on multiple choice.........so raw score of 48......
what would my score come out to be????? i hope it's over 700......</p>

<p>that's definitely over 700. Probably around 740/750.</p>

<p>what if i get 13~15 wrongs???? would that barely hit 700??</p>

<p>I got 9 on my essay with about 13-15 wrong. It was a 710</p>

<p>I scored a 740 with almost exactly what the original post described...</p>

<p>how many questions are there on the writing test? is this a very easy curve? and do you think the writing section on the SAT will be similar?</p>

<p>There are sixty multiple choice questions and a 20 minute essay. It's a pretty decent curve and I think the writing section on the new SAT will be very similar.</p>

<p>But, according to the REALSAT2 book, 9 on essay and 10 wrongs on multicple choice will be around 680...??? what's true??</p>

<p>You guys really think you can get that many wrong and get 700? I've been under the impression that you can really, only get up to 8 wrong and get an 8 or so on your essay to get a 650.</p>