What would this conver to?

<p>My friend scored a 1630 on the New Sat and he realizes its a fairly "bad" grade and wants to know how it compares in the Us and what it is if converted into the old format.</p>

<p>It compares fairly well in the U.S. Don't know the exact percentile, but I would guess 60th? I know college board guessed the average to be at around 1530 so 60th sounds about right...</p>

<p>Right now it is an unknown since CB will not issue percentile rankings on the writing section or a composite score until October. However, he should have the two scores and percentile rankings for the math and reading sections and he can compare those to the old math and verbal scores and get an idea as to where he stands.</p>

<p>His scores are:</p>

<p>math 550
reading 610
writing 470</p>

<p>how do they compare to the old format?</p>

<p>his math and cr score ranks pretty high. This is good for your friend since some colleges arn't even looking at the new writing and others are having a "wait and see" approach. An 1170 (m+cr) is around 70-75 percentile.</p>

<p>They really don't. The tests are way different... But tell him not to worry about his "low" writing score. Many colleges aren't taking it that seriously. His math a reading, the ones that really count, and quite good. I don't have the exact percentiles. But a 610 verbal on the old test was an 83rd percentile I think. Mabey 81...</p>

<p>anyway, those scores are good enough to get into a good college if he has good extra curiculars.</p>

<p>what percentile is 1930?</p>

<p>^^^what is the breakdown?</p>

<p>How is tennessee, south carolina, clemson looking for me with:</p>

<p>600 math
540 reading
600 writing (10 essay)</p>

<p>3.75 gpa, top 20%, 3 sports/3 clubs/tutor/volunteering/job/boys state</p>

<p>Looks pretty good, but i'm no expert... You may need to raise your sat scores a bit...</p>

<p>those are pretty solid scores, work on that cr and you'll be fine</p>

<p>Im taking the SAT again in october and plan on studying until I get 650+ in each section</p>

<p>thats a pretty heafty goal, +210 points!!!! GL</p>

<p>Well, the thing is..I am an excellent student (due to working harder than most people) but I am a terrible standardized test taker. I improved my math score 160 points in 2 months, and I think I have plenty of time to practice and "beat" the test by october</p>