What would YOU consider good SATII scores?

Ok…so I’m applying to the UC’s in-state (all except UCSC, UCR, and UCM) I have a 4.1-4.2 UC gpa a 28 on the ACT (just retook shooting for 30+, and will retake in Dec. if necessary). I took the SAT II’s for the first time and got a 710 Writing, 630 Math Ic, and 560 Literature. I was expecting the bad score on Lit because I became ill during the test. I’m planning on retaking Lit and Math, should I practice enough so I get all of them over 700? Do I need to retake Writing? Thanks for the help!

<p>Well, I consider anything over 700 to be a good score. I actually have a 690 for us history, but there's no way I'm retaking that, I'd only get a lower score. But all my other scores are above 750.</p>

<p>You probably don't need to retake Writing.. just study really hard for Lit and Math.</p>

<p>With your current scores you would be pretty safe at all but UCB, UCLA and UCSD (depending on major). Better scores would make one of those three safer for you.</p>