What would you do if you didn't make Semi-Finalist?

<p>just wondering</p>

<p>for those that need scholarship money - semi-finalist (which will most likely lead to finalist) will prob mean a lot... i am happy for ppl tht really need the money get semi/finalist...
for many of us who just want to list it on the college app ( i wont deny it).. its not tht big of a deal for colleges ( a lot of ppl know this)... almost all applicants have this award (especially if u apply to the ivies or top tier schools)... getting semi-finalist on your PSAT, although a worthy accomplishment, is kind of commonplace =(...
so... if i did not get semi.. i really would not care.... as long as i get something (commended is fine for me at least)</p>

<p>dont get me wrong though - i would love to semi-finalist.. but its not the end all be all... congrats to those tht make the cut though..</p>

<p>i'd be ****ed since our school has yearly plaques listing semi finalists and commended students near the front entrance. Semifinalists are listed bolded on top, while commended students are in small font near the bottom of the plaque. If you aren't semi, you'll be reminded about it every day entering school.</p>

<p>this is rather embarassing but we had no semi-finalists in our school last year and only a couple commended. i didnt take it last year but im hoping i can at least be commended.</p>