What would *YOU* do?

<p>Here are the scores from the latest practice test I took:</p>

<p>Math: 740-780
Writing: 600-640 (p.s. I didn't count my essay score so I based it off the chart that was without essay)
Reading: 620-660</p>

<p>Total score: 1920-2080</p>

<p>Knowing this, if you had my scores, what would be the first thing you would try to improve. I'm trying to get a 2250 by Junior year (which for me starts at August 2011). Any ideas?</p>

<p>Thank you (:</p>

<p>Math you seem to be fine...but the second easiest subject to improve is writing, however, CR is more important.
I suggest that you start reading the NY Times online daily and start memorizing direct hits or princeton review's hit parade to work around CR. If you are serious about improving, within a couple months you should be getting NO wrong on the fill in portion of the test. Working on the passage based reading takes time, but luckily to are a sophomore and have that time. Just read, read, and read more to get better at it.
Writing is simple enough. Go online and check out some grammer rules! IE: Parallelism, subject verb agreement, past vs present participle, etc.</p>


<p>But my problem is sometime I just read a easy sentence (like the first few questions) and I just blank out. Any remedies for that?</p>

<p>Do tons and tons of practice tests. After a while, you'll automatically go to the correct answer without even thinking (it's kind of creepy...)</p>

<p>For writing, I'd recommend using Barron's writing workbook. The part about the essay isn't much help, but there are about 90 pages where it goes through all of the rules of grammar. The practice tests are pretty good too.</p>

<p>Great! That's what I'm doing right now! It's a great book (: !</p>

<p>BUMPING it ;D</p>

<p>I would vocab my ass off, find some decent historical examples for my essay, and read a butt-ton. When it's almost time to take the SAT, I would practice test my ass off.</p>

<p>Yeah. there's nothing more I would really do.</p>

<p>okay so I know what I should I do, but HOW can I achieve it?</p>