What would YOU do?

<p>...if you got in Early Action, to celebrate of course!</p>

<p>Sign a pact here and now.</p>

<p>I'll shave my head (entirely) for the first time in at least 12 years!</p>

<p>I really, really, REALLY do not want to jinx myself by posting this (MIT is an EXTREME reach for me) but I couldn't resist.</p>

<p>If accepted, I plan on painting my nails alternating colors of maroon and silver, buy an MIT shirt from the COOP, decorate my stuff with the letters M. I.T., and wave a printout of the letter in my teachers faces (they've been against me applying and even refused to read/revise my essays/application). </p>

<p>But that's only if...jeez only if.</p>

<p>^^hee-hee, I'm planning on painting my nails maroon and silver too! That and I'll wear my MIT shirt to school the next day ... hmmm ... idk what else. </p>

<p>...BUY A CHEESECAKE. yes! a celebratory cheesecake. :D</p>

<p>gaahhh, all of this is such a huge 'IF'.
although I'll probably buy a cheesecake anyway, it can be consolatory if it needs to be.</p>

<p>Well, I have a ton of stuff due for AP Bio the next morning and am a huge procrastinator, so I will probably go right back to biology.</p>

<p>Or probably not...</p>

<p>i'm going to wear a university of washington shirt to school the next day ;)
that is the truth
and NOT tell anybody
and let them guess

<p>hmm. It's not like I am getting my hopes up... i know the odds. but if i do get in, i will be extremely happy and i will, and i promise you of this, run around my neighborhood in the frigid NY cold, in boxers and a tank top for a full mile.</p>

<p>lol wow...triple post</p>

<p>deleting an accidental double post</p>

<p>another triple post</p>

<p>I don't even want to think about it, cause it's so unlikely it'll happen. Buuuut if it does, I will probably call my brother, blast some music and do a crazy happy dance, and give my guidance counselor a HUGE hug the next day.</p>

<p>I like tp09's idea.</p>

<p>mmmm, cheesecake.</p>

<p>I also plan to run screaming like a little girl through my very cold New England neighborhood with minimal clothing on if I am accepted.</p>

<p>I'll cry and be so ecstatic for the next month.</p>

<p>And if I get rejected/deferred I will cry and be mopey until april, when i will cry some more after being rejected from everywhere except the university of south carolina. XD</p>


<p>(it will be a very happy cry)</p>

<p>I will find out at 6PM PST, and then if I get in I will go to my Calc final at 6:30... and if I don't get in, I will still go... lol</p>

<p>I'll jump up and down, screaming and yelling around the house like I"m a wild animal. xD hehehe. don't be surprised if I did the same at my school the next day, since it would be about the first time one student every one decade get into MIT. lol.</p>

<p>i'll call one of my best friends, who currently goes to penn =] and then, i'll try to act normal and avoid the insane curiosity of my peers at school. lolll</p>

<p>I'd try and change my facebook network to MIT '13 lmao. asap!!</p>

<p>I'll skip work the next day and sleep in for the first time in like 8 years!!!!</p>