What would you like to change about the college admissions process?

<p>Anything irking you?</p>

<p>For me:</p>

<li><p>Score choice at all schools</p></li>
<li><p>Get rid of SCEA and replace with regular EA... seriously...</p></li>

<p>Race/Ethnicity AA -> Socioeconomic AA.</p>

<p>NO MORE ESSAYS! God I already write a ton of essays in english if they want one of those thats fine but I don't want to write ten essays along with senior year of high school when they could pretty much make the same decisions without it. They have my english grades and ACT writing score.</p>

<p>^^ Same</p>

<p>tan char</p>

<p>v Same</p>

<li>ESSAYS - Instead of essays, do interviews. It's legitimate and realistic rather than reading some piece of paper that someone else probably wrote for the applicant.</li>
<li>MERIT-BASED ACCEPTANCE - Self-explanatory. Some schools should allow a certain % of merit-based applicants.</li>
<li>AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - Instead of race/ethnicity, affirmative action should be decided on your income level. Why the hell should your color determine anything?</li>

<p>of course cost, but that's basically implied. I don't think I can afford college</p>



<p>I quite like the way it is now. AA should stay, and never be tampered with.</p>

<p>-Get rid of the AA ****.
-Make EC's less important. My willingness to do EC's does not affect my ability to complete college level work in the slightest.
-Get rid of the essays. They have my SAT writing score. They know how well I write.</p>

<p>The SAT essay is a very bad indicator of actual writing ability lol.</p>

<p>^I was about to say that. Essays are ok to me; they are a drag but we have to do them</p>

<p>Universal Common Application. If not, at least for teacher recommendations. I don't want to ask for 4 copies on different papers/websites/formats/letterheads, because 3 schools I like aren't on the Common App.</p>

<p>^^^ Well, you get my point. They have 4 years of English grades and AP scores for 2. Hell, they could even request an essay or two that I wrote for English class. They have enough information to determine whether I can write adequately or not.</p>

<p>I think the essays are less about how well you can write, and more about showing depth and personality. Otherwise, every applicant is just a mass of statistics and scores.</p>

<p>I think essays are a great part of the application, and help illuminate the actual person behind the stat block. School smarts is distinguished from true intellectualism in essays, and people are judged for who they are, more.</p>

<p>Getting rid of Race based AA. Even though I'm a URM, it causes trouble.</p>


<p>Admission policies...</p>

<p>I agree that essays are a vital part of an application. I also favor socioeconomic AA.</p>

<li>I don't think EC's should count for much.</li>
<li>Keep the essays. I like them and I hope they help me a little bit.</li>
<li>The cost of most private schools and some public schools are ridiculous. Don't just say commute to a CC for two years and then two a local public for two more. Not everyone lives 5 minutes away from two different schools. The cost of school has gotten too high. What kind of system is this anyway??!</li>

<li>Remove affirmative action.</li>
<li>Completely merit-based acceptance, like they do in other countries, based on a national exam, completely grade/rank/academic-based, or a combination.</li>
<li>(not really admissions) The cost of school. Why do the best schools cost the most and the worst schools cost the least? It should be the other way around (like it is in China).</li>

<p>The post-secondary education has fallen subject to capitalism. These schools are businesses, wanting money.</p>

I don't think EC's should count for much.


<p>For some reason, I feel as though you favor this eradication because it would immensely help you. =)</p>