what would you like to do?

<p>What all are ya'll looking to do in the medical field? Such as what career are you thinking of pursuing, or what specialties are on your top of the list? Also why do you want to do it? Its as much a discussion as answering questions :) hopefully talk to each other and get new perspectives!</p>

<p>I am looking into dentistry! Such as becoming a dentist. I would either like to be a General Practicioner or specialize in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. My main reason can be summed up in three points. </p>

<p>1.) Fix the pain! I know how bad toothaches and pain from stuff in the mouth is and dentists fix it either during the appointment or as quick as possible! Its kinda a "quick fix" in most cases and although many people hate you its still a rewarding job!</p>

<p>2.) The Hours! I think it'd be great to work between 32-40 hours a week, and that's what dentists do for the most part. The chance to balance a rewarding career and wonderful family life it great!</p>

<p>3.) $! Now many may disagree but money is a factor in a lot of peoples decision to pursue medical careers. The money for dentist is great, between 140-240k as a general practicioner and well into the 240-400k range for OFS specialty. So money mixed with the other factors make it seem like the perfect job for me!</p>

<p>What about ya'll?!</p>

<p>im with you on this one! ive wanted to go into dentistry for a while now!</p>

<p>I used to want to do dentistry until my aunt told me about being a nurse anesthetist. They work between 2-5 days a week (mostly) and start out in the six figures. Also, I don’t have do go through medical school, nor a residency which will put me into debt forever. I was also told that most dentists hate their career after the first 5 years or so. That may be why more dentists retire each year than graduate.</p>

<p>^Put you in debt forever? Doctors are making 300k a year, which would mean that in 2 years they can easily pay off their debt.</p>

<p>most doctors also have to go through several years of residency. dentists dont… dentists can start making 100k+ at 26. most doctors start making alot of money in their early 30’s.</p>

<p>Radiology or Neurology. I don’t exactly want to be a doctor that deals with the patients, but more of the behind the scenes research type of person.</p>