What would you recommend for an art student planning to transfer?

<p>I am currently at UCSC in my 2nd yr, and am applying to UCLA, UCB, and possibly UCSB.. My grades these past 2 years haven't been the best. They were are hard, and even the art classes weren't to my interests or skills. I currently have a 3.25 GPA, from what I've heard there's a low chance I'll get into LA or Berkeley.. But I'm working hard to make a great portfolio & better personal statements this time.. I still want to try even though I hear it's near impossible I'll get in.
I want to continue studying art, with a focus on fashion, since after getting my bachelor's I want to go straight to fashion school. I could start over now, and go to an art school to get my bachelor's, which would take 3 yrs (just 1 extra yr from transferring to a university).. but I'd hate to waste these yrs in college, esp b/c I didn't enjoy it here. I NEED to live in a very urban environment or I get depressed.</p>

<p>Is that true Parson in new york city are very very good at fashion? Someone told me that, you may double check.</p>

<p>yeah, honestly you have near 0% chance at UCLA/UCB. You don't NEED to live in an urban environment. You should just start taking more classes and focus on finishing as early as possible. I'm sure if you take summer courses, and take maybe an extra class each quarter you should be able to finish at least a quarter early. A lot of people think that changing schools will make them happier, and a lot of the times it doesn't.</p>

<p>loveblue: I've heard of it yes.</p>

<p>perfectsky: I disagree, you don't know what I need. I'm still applying because regardless of what you say I'd rather at least try.</p>