What would you say my chances of getting into Brown, Amherst, Cornell or Wesleyan?

<p>According to Cappex i have about middling chances of getting into each but what do you think?</p>

<p>Im a caucasian female living in New York</p>

<p>Graduating at 17 (im a junior now)</p>

<p>public High School</p>

<p>4.0 out of 4.0 gpa</p>

<p>44 of 440 in my graduating class</p>

<p>my courses this year were AP Spanish, AP US History, french 1, philosophy, precalc, and choral studies. next year's are AP Psychology, AP European History, Syracuse University Project Advance (college credit), conversational spanish, honors physics and independant study senior project (Senior</a> Project Overview)</p>

<p>i have over 500 hours of volunteer work in our local hospital and am the president of our school's community service organization.</p>

<p>I was a member of student senate and student council freshman and sophomore years and im senior class social chairperson this year</p>

<p>I'm also a member of debate club, book club, youth in government, a starter on our Orange County Academic League team for the past year and next year (1 of 5 of over 40 members in all grades)</p>

<p>I also participated in the People to People Program the summer of my freshman year (Student</a> Travel and Educational Tours | Study Abroad with People to People)</p>

<p>I'm thinking of applying ED to brown or amherst but i wont if i have no chance of getting in. What do you think?</p>

<p>ED to Brown (They really like people who pursue their interests which you have done by taking AP Psych. and hospital volunteering). I think if you ED there it would put it just within reach. Although, without your SAT/ACT score there is no way to know for sure...</p>

<p>oops completetly forgot!!
my SAT was CR: 720, my math 670 (kind low :P) and writing was 690
i took the World History Subject test and have 700 and ill have my reports for the spanish, us and english lit subject tests on thursday.
Also im fluent in spanish and french</p>

<p>Yeah, I def think you have a great chance for ED at Brown. My counselor told me they love people strong in the humanities and foreign languages! You should totally do ED there.</p>

<p>you definitely have a shot at all of them. </p>

Yeah, I def think you have a great chance for ED at Brown. My counselor told me they love people strong in the humanities and foreign languages!


<p>That's not good logic. If it was, Brown wouldn't have any science majors :) </p>

<p>Honestly, pick the school you LOVE the most, and apply ED! Only do it if you would definitely attend, though, if accepted.</p>

<p>I would say ED to brown also. Your extracurriculars and community service are very strong and your test scores are also decent. You probably have a good chance of getting in.</p>

<p>@smartalic34: I didn't say they only accept people who are strong in the humanities, just that they take a particular liking to them.</p>

<p>I think that your best shot among these schools would by far be a land grant school at Cornell as a NY resident. The issue I see at the others is that you are barely top 10%, have below median SAT scores across the board and don't seem to have the most challenging schedule with no calc and AP English as far as I can see. You are also female and from a way overrepresened state without a standout EC.</p>

<p>There are a lot of myths written here about Brown. Simply, they want high stats like all of the other schools accepting less than 11%. The stats are now higher, but this will give an idea:</p>

<p>Brown</a> Admission: Facts & Figures</p>

<p>All of these schools are significant reaches, but Cornell would be the most doable.</p>

<p>@ rotflmaospencer: I know, and I wasn't trying to be demeaning, I just didn't want the OP to get the wrong idea :)</p>

<p>"math-670, kind of low"</p>


<p>@redroses. SUPA is better than AP english by far, as it is an actual college course, while AP is only college level</p>

<p>i'd say no dice.. unless there's something you're not telling us...</p>

<p>I would say your best chance is Weslyan. Don't apply ED to Brown. You most likely won't get in. (My sister got into Brown ED, and I know what it takes.) Your EC's and scores aren't awesome by any means, and unfortunately for you, that's what it takes to get into a school like Brown. You just can't get in with a 2080 SAT. Once you get a 2200+, then you can start seriously considering it. Right now, it's just not in you reach at all.</p>

<p>I think that all you guys are seriously underestimating these schools. Some of your statements are just crazy, like:</p>

<p>"They really like people who pursue their interests which you have done by taking AP Psych. and hospital volunteering."
-Boy oh boy, AP Psych sure is a commitment!</p>

<p>I'm sorry for being harsh, but you guys just need to be real. Listen to Redroses. Getting into an Ivy League school is no easy task. Kids coming from very competitive states like NY have major disadvantages, and so having below average scores and activities just won't cut it.</p>

<p>Like I said, your best chance is probably at Wesleyan. I myself wouldn't apply to Brown ED if you're worried about not getting in.</p>

<p>chemwz: I truly hope you're joking. Granted, your sister's acceptance into Brown is probably biasing your views, but let me give you the numbers:</p>

<p>SAT 25th-75th %iles, class of 2013:
660-760 CR
650-780 M
640-740 CR
660-740 M
650-760 CR
670-770 M
630-730 CR
660-770 M</p>

<p>incoming class of 2014 acceptance rate:
Amherst: 15%
Wesleyan: 19%
Brown: 9%
Cornell: 18%</p>

<p>Yes, Brown is the most selective of the four institutions. However, the strength of the incoming class is pretty much equal across the four schools. The OP should apply ED at whichever school he/she prefers. The OP definitely has "a shot." The percentiles I listed are just that, percentiles. People get into these schools with a 2080 SAT. In fact, by these numbers, it seems quite a few Brown students got below a 2080...</p>