What you do for fun essay

<p>so some of the activies that i am putting on my mit app are stuff i actaully do for fun. I know sounds crazy huh?
Anways are they looking for something that we do for fun but has some meaning to it, like i love playing chess, and play in state and national level tournaments etc. But i prolly wont play chess to relax.
Do they want something like that or are they talking about something like street basketball.
Like for pure fun, no competiton, i play a lot of basketball.
Even though no where in my app is there mention of b-ball etc.
So are they looking for something like my playing basketball which is just for pure enjoyment or something like chess, which i find fun, but do it for competition and for a goal?

<p>B-BAll is a team sport, and any school like a team member aboard. Chess is solitary</p>

<p>I got a letterfrom them explaining the app and it said that put whatever you do for fun down. It doesn't matter what it is. One example they gave was playing with your little brother.</p>

<p>"So are they looking for something like my playing basketball which is just for pure enjoyment or something like chess, which i find fun, but do it for competition and for a goal?"</p>

<p>Find Fun.</p>

<p>aight so i am sensing that putting down chess might be the right way to go. Thats what my intial feeling was, i was just afraid that they might not "belive" me and since its already on my app, they might want something thats not portrayed through my ec's.</p>

<p>basically, they ask this question to make sure that you know how to relax and won't crack under the pressure when you get to MIT.</p>

<p>So whatever you find relaxing.</p>

<p>yup. I put in doing art, and gave a few examples of doing something artsy, like playing with play doh,drawing a bad pictures of ppl i know, etc. and i said something like how it relaxes and soothes me. And guess what? no whereelse in the application i did mention about art except the art classes i am taking!</p>

<p>aaah i had such an issue with that question. everything i do is for fun except AP english and US History.
but i ended up writing about art too. not very original, but oh well.</p>

<p>i was actually thinking about writing about science team, which, let's face it, might be a really bad idea - but that's one of the most fun parts of my week. however they said something about balance, and art does provide balance for me, so i chose that.</p>

<p>I wrote about doing 3d cgi. I talked about how I got into it because I wanted to make movies and video games. Is that too structured?</p>

<p>@ op: wats your uscf rating ?</p>

<p>Tbol that actually sounds really cool</p>

<p><brushes head="" in="" relief=""> Thank you.</brushes></p>

<p>urg my rating is pretty bad. rated tournaments in my area are getting so sparse that i have not been to a rated tournament for a year. I still play a lot of unrated championship tournaments for like state championship etc.
My rating is 1650, peak of 1734.</p>

<p>woah i love doing cgi too!...as well photoshop and flash and all</p>

<p>And now I'll ask a question. I talked about art / photography and ended by describing a specific photo I've taken and why I like it... I might mail in the actual photo too, I dunno. But is that too detailed for this question?
Especially because I'm now like 50 words over the limit. When Matt came to my school he said that everyone goes over on those questions, but... looks like the computer won't let us submit if it's over?</p>

<p>yeah. i went over the limit,but i'm not too sure if the computer would let us submit if it's over. hopefully someone will be able to answer our questions. </p>

<p>your picture could be a supplement, and I think it might be a good idea to send them. It prob demonstrate how much you enjoy it...</p>

<p>and guess what? for the "what do u do for fun" question, I put in art (drawing, play-doh, pictures in oil pastels,etc) too!! but there's no where else on my application to suggest anything about me and my art except the art classes i'm taking this year...</p>

<p>So can I write Starcraft? Just like once in a while not everyday of every hour.</p>

<p>I also like to draw stuff but it's not as fun. It is more relaxing and I get more into it, I just need to start.</p>

<p>But then again the word nerd doesn't exist on MIT's campus, so I guess lots of people there would at least have heard of starcraft. I'm very into proscene and understand the game like someone from Boston understands baseball. Like "look that 12 expo is being taken by oov's macro and sk terran style" and I'd be like "July will probably counter with lurkers and then tech to hive for defilers and ultras w/a maynard fast expo". Who else understands all of that?</p>

<p>Does this have to be a hobby? Because I wish to write about a pastime of some friends of mine: end of every week, there is this restaurant we go to, we being about ten people. We go there, push together a bunch of tables, order food, and we all share it!</p>

<p>Seem do-able?</p>