What you hate about your college?

<p>So we always hear the great, awesome, amazing parts of colleges in all those packets they constantly mail us and whatnot, or at our orientation, or from that super peppy tour guide whose face is in a constant smile...</p>

<p>But what are those dirty, dark secrets about your college that you hate, or wish you knew before you accepted?</p>

<p>Let it all out! :]</p>

<p>my school flat out sucks. 75% of the people that go there hate it due to its lack of social life and the majority of the people that attend are generally so academically focused that they dont know how to hold a conversation about sports or something else without it turning into a topic about some engineering principle. </p>

<p>I have alot more I can say but thats the biggest thing for my school at least.</p>

<p>Advice: Check to see what is said about your school on Urbandictionary. 90% of whats said on there is actually true</p>

<p>Hate's too strong a word, but I'm not a fan of the City of College Park. It's pretty slummy actually. I wish it was a better college town like Ann Arbor or Madison or Berkeley or Ithaca or Charlottesville :| we're a short Metro ride from DC though so that's good.</p>

<p>No track team. :( I knew this going in, but still. We're the only Big 10 school that doesn't have one. Seriously, track's a pretty standard sport. How can we NOT have a track team?</p>

<p>Other than that, I have no complaints.</p>

<li><p>Administrative offices. They always give me the freaking run-around when I have issues with my tuition or with housing problems. </p></li>
<li><p>Some of the people that go here. I still don't understand how some kids got into this school. I mean it's a state school so of course I'm going to expect a couple of bimbos, but the number of bimbos exceed my expectations.</p></li>
<li><p>I go to a school with 4 campuses, spread between two towns, so we have a bus system. It gets ridiculously crowded during certain times of the day. I hate when kids try to get on the bus when it is already crowded.</p></li>
<li><p>Oh, and lastly I hate when I hear about crime incidents near the campus, although once in a while I have to blame the kids who thought it would be smart to walk around New Brunswick at 2am.</p></li>

<li>The administration is incompetent and does not communicate with other branches.</li>
<li>I go to a D3 school and a lot of the athletes act like they're the *. A lot of them don't understand that non athletes party too. I play a sport and I can't stand a lot of the athletes. A bunch of d bags. Some of them are decent though.</li>
<li>People *
* that there is no social life. Dead wrong. There is a ton to do. I can find people to chill with any night of the week. The weekend starts Thursday, sometimes Wednesday. Yeah, a lot of engineers stay in all the time to do work, but a sizable portion of students are very social. Saying there's no social life is just an excuse used by people who don't try and find things to do. Sometimes it requires asking around to find things, but we're in the middle of the city so of course there's a ton to do. These people go on internet boards and complain about Case and make it look like everybody is solely focused on school. I have so much fun at Case, maybe because I am active in campus life and am Greek. But seriously, people whining about Case annoy me. They make it sound like everyone hates Case and nobody goes out. Huge myth. Yes, there's a fair amount of work but I've never had to turn down an opportunity to go out in order to study, even during finals and midterms. It's a fun time and a good school and a lot of people are happy here, and people need to stop complaining all the time and refocus their energy on having fun.</li>

<p>Party culture of the school is what really kills it</p>

<p>Cowman, you can always find parties dude.</p>

<p>No, UCSB has a party culture I don't like. I know you can ignore it, but the culture is probably stronger here than most other places.</p>

<p>Oh lol. Just go party then?</p>

<p>No, I don't like partying, thats the problem I have with UCSB, its party central in IV (the city the college is in).</p>

<p>Because the school is so big, the staff have this idea that they can say "oh, well that's not my job, that problem needs go to the X department" when that is just flat out bull. Nothing gets done unless you do it yourself, or sit there and babysit whoevers job it is until they do it.</p>

<p>A tiny bit of grade inflation couldnt hurt around here...</p>