what you think when you hear "all-girl's boarding school"?

<p>Well What do you think?
I'm doing a film project about this subject and need some public perspective.
You can put your opinion, any opinion, or you can put someone elses. Or both
it's all good</p>

<p>Close friends- Don't try to look good all the time- more opportunities in math/science- dances etc. at boys' schools</p>

<p>(be warned that these are fairly judgemental but this is what I think)</p>

<p>sheltered-self reliant- upperclass- traditional- guarded- virginal</p>

<p>If I were going to be sent to one...I would think ":("</p>

<p>haha momofwildchild haha the classic parent view</p>

<p>i would think of sheltered, lonely, boy-deprived children who will be excessively horny and roudy when they are in college. i would say girls at all-girl schools (we have one here) are definitely naughtier, going out looking for some, more into drugs. haveing the co-ed environment is actually statistically more beneficial than isolation. </p>

<p>momofwildchild - girls usually try to look good all the time not for boys, but so they dont get back talk from other girls. girls are mean to each other and wanting to play in "favored light" is what causes most of the "wanting to look good"</p>

<p>I wish I had been able to do that, rich girls, cat fights, and sneaking out to the all-boys boarding school counterpart.</p>

<p>Well I know a couple of girls who've gone to all girls schools although not boarding schools. The image I get from what they describe is that bitchier, cattier, better at academics, slutty, drug taking, booze-drinking. There will be some girls who will fit momofwildchild's description(one girl I know actually hasn't had a guy friend since she started attending) but from what they've described without boys to focus on a lot of girls, really noticing each other, get really critical and lots of drama goes on and a lot will actually go to FIND boys and deprived of such boys on a normal basis, tend to go pretty far. </p>

<p>This is only my impression from said girls but yes, that's what I think. </p>

<p>And, just a note, in my opinion, I think girls like to look good because of other girls in all accounts. Even girls who appear to be doing so for the guy also have the deeper motive-I look good enough to GET a guy, competition if you will.</p>

<p>thank you all for you responses. All your responses are very helpful in order for me to narrow my topic choice. keep 'em coming.</p>


<p>bump. thanks to all those who have responded</p>

<p>I think of them as the boarding school equal of women's colleges. Great reputations in the past, but now much easier to get into than the good coed schools.</p>

<p>I would never want to go to one. It just makes me think of stuck up rich people. To me there's no diversity and I know that I definitely wouldn't enjoy it. Nope, I definitely enjoy the co-ed option - thank God for progress!</p>

<p>rich girls sent away because thier parents don't have the time or care to raise thier kid properly.</p>

<p>sex. sorry, it had to be said. from a guy's point of view. more specifically, me as a guy GOING to an Girl's Boarding School. but then it wouldn't be an all girl's boarding school... hmmm a paradox.</p>

<p>only you, hobbes, only you. <em>shakes head, laughing</em></p>

<p>I think of plaid schoolgirl skirts rolled up to make them shorter, girls walking with lacrosse sticks over their shoulders, and buildings that look like this (<a href="http://www.gpacademy.org/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.gpacademy.org/&lt;/a> - our XC team met on their lawn by the lake a lot this fall; I didn't go here.)</p>

<p>You should have pee'd on their lawn, just to tarnish something that beautiful. And out of spite for not going to that beautiful school</p>

<p>I went to Miss Porter's and it is a truly fantastic school. Amazing, very challanging academics and a very friendly community.</p>

<p>how funny? i go to MPS. pm me sometime.</p>

<p>more focused because they don't have the opportunity to see boys that often. Also, they will be stronger in terms of leadership.</p>

<p>USCismyschool, one of my friends goes to miss. porter's. She loves it there! =)</p>