Whatcha Doing This Weekend - Last weekend of September!

HOW did we get to the last weekend of September?!

It’s truly a summer weather weekend here in Ohio. That should change early next week.

Plans for this weekend include pupsitting our grandpup Saturday for an overnight. My weekly visit to my mom. Maybe tackle another outdoor painting job. Usual exercise. In addition to my usual running, etc. I’ve gotten in a nice habit of a nice long 5-6 mile walk Sunday mornings - my church. :slight_smile: It’s one of my favorite parts of the week!

With the warm weather I’d also like to see a stop for ice cream before the local summer shops close. I highly recommend that to others too. :slight_smile:

We are going into San Antonio to the River Walk for some outdoor seating, beer drinking and live music on Saturday night. First time there is ages (well, since COVID hit). It’s a bit of a drive for us, but we want a change of scenery from the closer outdoor venues.

Otherwise- a few tasks around the house and property and maybe some pool time.

A much-needed and long-overdo ladies’ weekend at the beach. 30A, here we come!

Oh, now I realize once I post this weekend thread I always get jealous! :slight_smile:

Beach time - yay!

I was able to enjoy the River Walk one year in April - a good time to be down there - it was very enjoyable and the weather was a treat from Ohio weather! Enjoy!

I am doing a 2 hour volunteer session at a hospital. We stuff bags with diapers and other essentials and each new family gets a bag for their babies. We’ve done this through a women’s group I belong to and it is always fun. Due to covid, we are limited to 6 people and no tour of the hospital or visiting new babies.

And I’m having coffee with a friend who is a ‘super isolator’ (or so she claims but I know she goes to work occasionally and to Starbucks daily) so it’s the first time I’ve seen her in 6 months.

Same as I’ve posted in all of the “Whatcha Doing” threads:

5:30-6:30 Up, walk*
6:30-9 Lounge, coffee, breakfast
9-10 Personal ablutions
10-12 Catch up on CC, read
Noon-ish Lunch
1-5PM Read, nap, hobbies/fritter
5-7PM Cocktails, dinner
7-10PM PBS/Netflix binge, read
10-10:30 Bedtime

Lather, rinse, repeat.

*Now getting up at 5:30 instead of 5AM as weather is cooling down. That’s the only difference in my days since early summer.

Take the dog to the woods.

Go to the gym.

Write 40 more get out the vote postcards.

Read the interesting book I just got from the library.


No socializing, no in-person meeting.

Watching SEC football!!!

We’re in insolation thanks to my husband. Nine days ago he played golf with a guy who tested positive. They had ridden in the same golf cart and had lunch together. I’m amazed my husband hasn’t had any symptoms as of yet, but plan on going the recommended 14 days. The positive guy, in his early 50s, only lost his sense of taste and smell.

H is grocery shopping, I’m writing GOTV vetters and making masks for friends. Also sorting and culling in my sewing room. Yom Kippur starts Sunday night.

I’m thinking about a solo road trip to the beach mid-week. It’s about three hours each way, but I can do it on one tank of gas and bring lunch. I just want to wander on a beach and take some photos.

I’m to an outdoor sculpture exhibit at a local private school, as well as a good, long walk in a state park with the dog. The trees are just starting to turn!

Also plan to see a virtual production of “The Humans” from the Olney Theatre in Maryland. It runs through Oct 2nd, tickets for an entire household are $35, and are valid for 2 days from purchase. The play has gotten great reviews, and the NYT was very complimentary of the virtual, “talking heads” staging.

We’ll be wrapping up our camping/hiking vacation at Acadia NP. Weather’s been glorious and foliage just starting to turn.

We will stay home. Bay area is going to be hot with poor air quality again this weekend.

I am running a virtual 5k on Saturday, and Sunday… never mind, you don’t want to know! LOL!

Holy @toledo I am playing golf 2 (sometimes 3) times per week and still insist on solo carts and we haven’t done lunch yet, although we have talked about carrying out and eating outside. Sharing a cart outdoors I don’t think is especially dangerous (I just like to be safe given a choice) and your husband’s exposure at lunch obviously depends on lots of things, time, distance, ventilation. He could easily come out negative. Hope so!

DH and I will take the kayaks out on the lake, probably for a last spin before stashing them away.
We went out yesterday. Beautiful bright sunny but cool day here in NJ.

Taking S to airport tomorrow for his return back to school; spending the rest of the weekend mopping my tears!

Call me crazy - these past six months have been a blessing for us; we have spent true quality time with each other - no racing around, no running to the next thing - we have had six months of being together, and I (and we) have loved every minute.

@northshoreofma, the Olney Theatre is near me! We’ve been there a number of times. They put out some really impressive and innovative work. They did an incredible revival of Cabaret last year that won lots of awards.

We were going to have another sad, boring weekend where the highlight was mopping my walls (seriously). But, yesterday evening younger S showed up in my sunroom surprising me as a belated bday gift. So much happier we are.

And we may adopt a kitten. We lost 2 cats - both 17 - within the last year. That brought us back down to 3 cats, the number I said I wanted to keep. But I agreed a few days ago that we could use a little joy in our lives and 4 wasn’t bad. H admitted he tried to go to the Humane Society yesterday but got there right at closing.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m meeting 2 of my running buddies for an 8 miler soon.
The rest of the day and tomorrow should be pretty flexible. Some chores, a trip to the library, talking with the kids about the upcoming holidays…

I’m doing something totally different tomorrow morning. My yoga teacher has begun leading walks in local parks incorporating yoga and meditation. It is called Japanese Forest Bathing (can’t recall the other name) and she takes small, masked, social groups. I can really use this right now.

We are kayaking and walking. Basically what we do every weekend. ?