Whatever happened to ...?

<p>Wonder what will happen when Carmelo returns.........I haven't really followed the Knicks for ages (more like decades)......</p>

<p>This is certainly helping ticket prices......</p>

<p>Jeremy</a> Lin's tips on getting into Harvard!</p>

<p>Certainly belongs on these boards, I think :)</p>

<p>^^priceless.......tx for posting.....</p>

<p>So now we can say, "shame on Stanford", along with the rest of the NBA......</p>

<p>Knicks should be interesting when they are at full strength.</p>

<p>I watched a few Lin videos today and am very, very impressed with his skills.</p>

<p>Thanks for the youtube link. He's got quite a sense of humor.</p>

<p>benfster thanks, that was awesome :)</p>

Wonder what will happen when Carmelo returns


<p>He and Amare may have to wait until there is an opening in the line up. There doesn't seem to be any vacancies right now.</p>

<p>Great video! Thanks Benfster. That was hysterical!! :D He forgot the part about being a great student and an all state basketball player. That's the best way to get into Harvard... will be watching them on ESPNU tonight.</p>

<p>Great video. :) He seems like a wonderful kid.</p>

<p>Bet he won't be sleeping on his brother's couch for long---LOL! Love this kid's story!</p>

<p>Good story! I was wondering what happened to him.</p>

<p>Seems like such a great guy.</p>