What're my chances?

<p>Hey guys, I'm a rising senior with an SAT of 2220, ACT of 34, SAT II's of 750 for both Bio and Math II, Ranked number 2 (soon to be 1 with a summer class I'm taking) out of 400 with a GPA of 3.98 unweighted and 4.45 weighted and I have the following extracurriculars: Debate (co-captain), Forensics (co-captain), National honor society (Vice president), scholar's bowl (vice captain), science olympiad, and tennis. What are my chances at schools like Princeton, MIT, Duke, Rice, Johns Hopkins, and UPenn?</p>

<p>At this point you are just like everyone else in the app. pool. As far as numbers go, you are completely qualified for EVERY university in the US. Now its time to separate yourself from Joe Connor with a 3.98 and 34 ACT also. What's special about you? I know how you can show this: THE ESSAY! If you write a killer essay with some great recs, Idk how you can get turned down by these schools....A kid that was ranked 8 with 28 ACT at my school got in MIT. A girl ranked 8 with 24 ACT got in Penn. Sell yourself.</p>

<p>Objectively, your SATs and GPA are off for MIT, Princeton and Penn. ECs seem very weak, too.</p>

<p>I'd say you have a decent shot at JHU and Rice, maybe Duke if you ED, with the rest being high reaches.</p>