What's a decent GPA for prep schools?

<p>I really haven't seen this topic talked about much.</p>

<p>I have many friends among the Exeter, Deerfield, Choate, Andover, etc community.
I know aiming for a 4.0 unweighted is generally what many attempt, but only a handful are ever that successful and precise.</p>

<p>So, for anyone who applied to the Ivy League and went to such competitive New England prep schools, what was your GPA and average Ivy League-GPA?
Obviously 4.0 is what many accepted to the HYPMS would say, but I know there are cases where people have 3.9s, etc.</p>

<p>Generally anything but 4.0 at public schools are unacceptable, but perhaps there are special cases for applicants who attend an incredibly rigorous top private prep school?</p>




<p>3.8+ unweighted is okay from anywhere. I don’t know anything about prep schools specifically, but everyone’s GPA is viewed in the context of their high school and their class rank and how hard their classes were. It’s not like they go through and throw away applications where the applicant doesn’t have a 4.0.</p>

<p>At the top 20 prep schools, usually, if a student is performing at or above a B level (above 85), that is considered an academic performance at ‘honors’ level. There are various grading systems in the US and top college admissions officers know how to distinguish between the various systems. Most prep schools have a completely different grading methodology than US public schools, day schools, charter schools and other types of schools. If somebody has a perfect 4.0 at a top US prep school, that is off-the-charts good, and is not common even among the absolute top students of the these schools… whose student body’s consist almost entirely of top notch students. Otherwise they wouldn’t be accepted to these schools to begin with. </p>