what's a good diet to eat so i can raise my SAT

<p>well guys...less than 2 weeks for the november 6 SAT and i need to really do well on this one....no joke......i been studying for hours everyday but that can only do so much.....i need every possible performance edge to do better on this one......</p>

<p>...so ok i started listening to only classical music...(i dont listen to anyother music anyways).....and i started a little exercise routine a couple weeks ago.....im not fat I weigh like 125lb so im just doing push ups and some sit ups and sometimes jogging for 10 minutes.....</p>

<p>...and i know ur diet can improve mental performance....so i was wondering....what are some brain boosting foods?!?!?!?!???????</p>

<p>i cut the sugar and junk food...no beer either :(.....i been drinking lots of h2o and i know thats good......i know anything natural and not processed is good too like fruits and veggis....aslo fish/salmon and other omega-fat foods are good i hear....i'm aslo taking a daily multivitamine.....but anyone know other specific foods i should start eating??</p>

<p>what about at T-72 hours??.....T-36...24....12 hours??....and what should i eat the mourning of the test???....ahHH! i need every benefit i can get...i need a 1200!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>wow, that's preparation....just relax a bit...if you go in there having thought of nothing else for weeks, you will not be able to concentrate as well...</p>

<p>not that i think ur complete absorbsion into this test is necessarily a healthy idea (tho your habits are) eating eggs supposidly helps with testing. if you can eat eggs in the morning, (some people cant, it bothers them) try it. i like mine fried, personally, and with a very raw yoke. :)</p>

<p>bananas are brainfood.</p>

<p>I find that a little ritual helps boost confidence before a test.</p>

<p>What I do before any major test (SATI/SATII/AP/Midterm/Final/whatever) is the following:</p>

<p>1) I don't eat breakfast. I think more quickly on an empty stomach or something.
2) I don't drink anything. Not water, not orange juice, and definitely not coffee. As a side note, never drink a lot before a test, and definitely don't drink anything heavy in caffeine like coffee or tea. If you haven't noticed, caffeine inhibits ADH secretion, which in turn, makes you want to pee :).
3) Some people listen to classical music; I listen to Metallica. For thirty minutes to an hour, I lose myself in headbanging music. What can I say--it pumps me up.</p>

<p>I'm not saying this works for everyone. In fact, I'm pretty sure this would work only for me. The point is, come up with your own set of things you do to hype you up for an exam.</p>

<p>Also, get plenty of sleep. Don't study until midnight the day before something like the SATI. The lack of sleep will impact you more negatively than any studying will impact you positively. Try to get at least ten hours (this is coming from a guy who routinely gets five or less).</p>

<p>Anyway, good luck.</p>

<p>I personally think that sleep is the most important measure to success on SAT's and SAT II's. Make sure to give yourself at least 7 hours of sleep...preferably 8-10 hours would be nice.</p>

<p>I think that by stressing yourself out so much you're hurting your chances of getting that 1200. Sure, a little bit of stress and/or nervousness maintains a high level of concentration and improves memory, but too much stress acts like an amphetamine and actually decreases your performance. So, as the Duchess would say, the moral of that story is to not freak out so much! Deep breaths...</p>

<p>This may sound silly, but we saw it on Dr. Phil: hard boiled eggs and blueberries are brain food! So it was blueberry muffins and HB eggs for us last round ...up 100 points!
Added a little <em>mental energy</em> I think...whatever works!</p>

<p>sounds liek youre doing a good job. the fish thing especially, but dont eat too much. another thing is you dont wanna just eat a bunch of food your body isnt used to the day of the test. especially not heavy foods, like a big pancake breakfast or wahtever. just eat a banana or have some oj. whatever youre used to. and drinking a lot of water is great. gl!</p>

<p>I have heard that bananas reduce stress somehow, so they are good to eat before things like tests (I heard this from my musician friends who always eat bananas when they have to play a big solo or something).</p>

<p>Oh, and I second not drinking too much beforehand. I definitely had to p*ss for the entire SAT II Chemistry test on the 9th, and it was not fun. I still got an 800, but it was not a pleasant experience... I think it's a good idea to be well hydrated, though, so maybe drink lots of water the night before the test, then none the day of.</p>

<p>drink a lot of water night before,like a galloon. most people usually sleep like 6-7 hours?? so i think 8 hours is good your body will notice differenece. take speed/caffeine/coffee starbucks in the morning then drink a redbull/ rockstar between each break, also bring water,</p>

<p>lol I thought this was a JOKE when I opened it. You cannot be serious. Look at this: we're completely rearranging our lives around some stupid tests! It's insanity.</p>

<p>eat a granola bar during break</p>