What's a good federal work study job for me based on my given time/money constraints?

<p>So I can pretty much only work after 6:30PM from Mon-Thursday and anytime on weekends and I could work the mornings on Fridays, I'd like to work around 10 hrs a week and at least at $7.50/hr preferably $9-10/hr. Does anyone know of a job that is still open that fulfills these constraints? (Btw I'm talking about the jobs on the Federal Work Study program list) thank you!</p>

<p>Try being a security monitor for the dorms. I think it's $8/hour with 4-hour shifts sometime from 6pm-2am.</p>

<p>^thanks anybody else know of any other jobs with nighttime jobs on campus</p>

<p>Try the library - circulation and security. They pay about $10/hr; getting hired for weekends is probably easier than evenings. Maybe the dining halls?</p>

<p>yeah the library seems like my best bet and dining halls are probably a good idea too. Thanks a ton you guys I really appreciate it!</p>