whats a good minor

<p>Say you want to major in finance or accounting... would minoring in natural science or chemistry or something of that nature be good in getting a job for the growing pharmacuetical business</p>

<p>Personally, I think if you want to major in accounting or finance, you should capitalize on that and be that best at what you do rather than having a minor just because of the growing pharmaceutical business. I would choose a minor that pertains to business. Just an opinion:)</p>

I was thinking about double majoring finance and economics...</p>

<p>and minoring in anthropology (my advisor told me that it was possible)</p>

<p>imo, I think I need more than just money and numbers.....</p>

<p>I'm an accounting major and a social psychology minor.... I feel it's a good mix... I have the business knowledge from studying accounting and the in-depth understanding of people and their intentions, so I'm more aware of the people skills needed for a succesful accounting/business/management career</p>

<p>I think a technical business major (finance, accounting) with a social science is a good mix, just my opinion</p>

<p>Again, just an opinion.:)</p>