What's a good place to buy scrubs? Scrub life size

Good evening, users

For some reason the size medium does not fit me anymore.

Here are my specs

Height is 5’ 6"
Weight is 180 lb., skinny slim tone

Ever since I started to lift weights after a few months, I could not fit into a medium.

I can fit well into these sizes

US sizes

China Sizes
XL, L, 2XL since those can reverse into, L, XL

I tried a China Size M and a US size M, both scrubs feel very tight and hard to move around, I had to use tension to get it to fit.

Any suggestions? :smiley:


Try FIGS. They are very pricey, but really fit well if you use their size chart.

Oh sweet thanks :smiley:

Doesn’t seem pricey lol, I’m all about that scrub life :joy:

Have been boycotting Figs since a campaign during the pandemic that was crazily misogynistic and anti-DO. I buy Jaanu.

I did not know that :open_mouth:

I won’t buy from FIGS

I wear Figs and Jannu. If I buy again though I’ll try Carharts or Cherokee from Amazon.

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