What's a reasonable way to score the SAT practice tests from the blue book?

<p>I hate the broad ranges for the scores.</p>

<p>What's a reasonable estimate for the score range? At first, I thought taking the average of the range was fine, but now I wanna see how others do it. Are the results for the real SATs usually around the average, or above/below it?</p>

<p>Seems I posted just a similar question yesterday, and no answers either. </p>

<p>Did you find any solutions pick?</p>

<p>I have no idea really, I just place my score as the one halfway between the two scores in the range I get. But that's just what I do.</p>

<p>I also take the average, it's pretty accurate for the CR.</p>

<p>Alright thanks guys.</p>

<p>Awesome then, I've improved a little more than I thought.</p>

<p>I always take the lowest from all the ranges, so that I can only really get the 2400 if I get everything right. I don't think it's the most accurate, but it is the easiest to see overall improvement (for me). (1650 to 2080 so far. If I took the averages it would be around 1750 - 2150? I guess... I'm not really sure. I don't have the book in front of me. I also always give myself an 8 on the essay just in case. It's actually quite discouraging at times! The low scores keep me practicing.</p>