What's a UC GPA?

<p>Is a UC GPA like 9-12 or 10-11 or 10-12? I don't get it.</p>

<p>UC gpa is grades 10-11, academic 'a-g' classes, with bonus points for UC-approved honors/AP/IB courses. 8 bonus points max for admission purposes. All, calculated on a 4.0 scale, or 5.0 for an A in an AP/IB course.</p>

<p>uc gpa is mad complicated in my opinion. they use 10-11 grades. A- 4pts, B-3pts, C-2pts, and i don't think a D or F gets any pts. then you get an extra pt for any honors/ap class taken. but the catch is that you can only get up to 8 extra pts. so basically if you tried really hard and took more that 2 honors classes each semester since sophomore year, it doesn't even get calculated into your gpa. stuuupid</p>

<p>It matters whether or not it's calculated. Strength of schedule is very important.</p>