What's an easy but interesting class that would fulfill the CAS science req. (PBS)?


<p>I'm looking to fulfill my arts and sciences science requirement with a physical and biological sciences (PBS) course next semester. I understand some classes offered in other colleges (CALS, for example) allow you to fulfill the PBS requirement, so I should look beyond the CAS options in the courses of study. Can anyone give examples of classes that are easy for non-science students, interesting, and would fulfill the requirement?</p>


<p>D2 took an Evolution course, I don't know if it was easy but she found it extremely interesting. Highly recommended. I don't know for sure if it fulfilled that requirement, but I'm guessing yes.</p>

<p>I took Astro 101 this semester and it's easy as hell. Not all your grades count so I was still able to get an A while half-assing some of the work. The course in the spring (102) is different material, but I'm sure it's just as easy. Known easy classes include Magical Mushrooms, DSOC101, and Anthro1300.</p>

<p>dsoc is no longer easy. she has changed the class to make it more difficult.
if you find mandatory attendance/1 essay a week/200 pages of reading a week/ a final 7 page paper. and a cumulative 80 question final easy then ok</p>

<p>I can second collegebound's account about Astro 1101, especially if it's still taught by Prof. Lloyd. The quizzes come straight from the homework problems, and the prelims are mainly made up of his textbook reading comprehension questions. As long as you put a little effort into the homework, you can definitely pull off an A with little trouble. I also found the class pretty interesting, as Lloyd is a pretty dynamic lecturer and it's clear how much he loves what he does. Bill Nye the Science Guy even surprised us as a guest lecturer once!</p>