What's an internship?

<p>What is the difference between internship and a job? I know an internship may have no pay, and some internship will pay you. So, what is the difference between a paid internship and a job???</p>

<p>And when I go to college would it be better to apply for a job or internship or both?</p>

<p>Have the same question.
Awaiting responses...bump.</p>

<p>internships help you get experience in a certain field where you can test it out and decide if you like it. Interns do contribute some, but most of the benefit is for the intern. Some places use internships to look for entry level employees, so they bring in interns, and then they offer jobs to the people they like after graduation.</p>

<p>Internships are like part-time jobs (kinda).</p>

<p>While an official job might land you a desk, salary, and even healthcare benefits, an internship is a temporary job that isn't as important. Different firms and fields have different uses for interns, but they can be anything from research assistants to simple desk jobs. In any case, an intern is not as important and doesn't hold an official 'job' per se.</p>

<p>While this might make interning sound useless, it allows you to be able to quickly jump at a real job opportunity, while having some experience in the field.</p>

<p>An internship is a temporary job, more or less. It can be full time, and can include overtime. And as Nin10 already said, the main differentiator between an internship and a summer job is typically the internship is to learn a skill/gain experience.</p>

<p>internships are good to find out more about a career that interests you, without having to commit yourself to work there permanently.</p>