what's are good ECs to reflect you like business?

<p>Since I'm planning to major around the business major and I wanted to fit in one more "last minute" extracurricular before applications, anyone have suggestions? I'm trying to find an EC that will at least suggest I have an interest in business. I have a couple of minor stuff in my list of ECs that might suggest that, but I'm trying to pursue a solid business activity, not for hours, but to emphasize my interest in business. I'm thinking of activities like volunteering in an accounting office (CPA), so you think that would work?</p>

<p>Your "last minute" EC will look like a "last minute" EC. You're much better off showing that you have a dedication to LEARNING rather than just business. It's much more impressive that you show this rather than some throwaway line on your app. Adcoms don't expect that you've determined every pathway for your adult life at this time -- the fact that you like business or are undecided won't hurt you -- as long as you show that you're a curious and self motivated learner.</p>