what's considered too many honors/awards?

<p>On college resumes and stats summaries, I see a lot of people listing stuff like, "IB scholar" etc.</p>

<p>Is that stuff worth mentioning at top schools? Should inter-school stuff like "excellence in spanish" and "achievement in chemistry" and "excellence in social studies" or even "AP scholar" be added to my resume? I know that one doesn't want a resume that's too cluttered</p>

<p>Academic awards are not "clutter" or "stuff." IB Scholar and AP Scholar are awards that reflect years of hard work and achievement. </p>

<p>The best way to present an array of awards is to put them in order of importance by rank (national, regional, local) with either the highest rank or the most recent leading the list. If you are really overflowing with awards, group them by subject as well.</p>

<p>and what about those awards that you have to pay for? Like Who's Who and National High School Scholars?</p>

<p>^^^^ They are useless...</p>

<p>yeah, I figured that... so you shouldn't really mention ALL awards</p>