What's everyone taking december 4th?

<p>I'm taking Latin</p>

<p>Bio E
Math IIC
Lit, if there's no other crazy idea that pops into my mind before then</p>


<p>I'm done with CB forever!!</p>

<p>Bio M
Math IIc
Writing (fingers and toes crossed)</p>

<p>SAT 1 reasoning</p>

<p>Lit and Math IC</p>


<p>just so u know, lit was a b***h today.....it raped me. i would suggest that you all study</p>

<p>Edison - I took lit today too and it killed me. <em>Hints the retake in Dec.</em> congrats on being done!</p>

<p>SAT I test</p>

<p>are you guys all 2005 or 2006?</p>

<p>Bio and Writing</p>

<p>Probably writing again since I screwed up badly today. :(</p>

<p>just the SAT I test</p>

<p>i'm 2006- Writing</p>

<p>i'm 2006 - SAT I</p>

<p>2005 - Writing and Chemistry</p>

<p>Taking the SAT I AGAIN. :P I've submitted almost all my applications for colleges, but I'm hoping that I can bring my score up about 120 points this time so I can apply for ONE MORE college.</p>

<p>SAT I test (first time)</p>

<p>i'm class of 2006:</p>

<p>taking SAT I for the first time since 8th grade.</p>

anyone else taking it?</p>