What's going on down at Sproul?

<p>I would've been down at Sproul if it weren't for a Math 1A midterm tomorrow I have to study for...I heard crap's been hitting the fan?
(And yes, I understand that choosing to study for a midterm instead of walking out kinda defeats the purpose, but whatever)</p>

<p>the same thing that happens every couple of months....people protest about tuition hikes, someone gets arrested.</p>

<p>^ Yeah frankly it's gotten very annoying. The irony is that they are just wasting the school's money by protesting. And notice how it is always the humanities majors who are doing the protesting.</p>

<p>It's a bunch of communists who want to get beaten up just for the attention. I'm an English major and it seriously sickens me that all of my GSIs cancelled office hours so they could go.</p>

<p>I'm sympathetic with those against tuition hikes...who isn't?
But I remember a few weeks ago (whenever it was that the deadline for P/NP was approaching), in my history class, the GSIs were late in grading midterms. Knowing midterm grades was imperative for a lot of students who weren't sure if their wanted to P/NP the class. The day before the deadline, one of the GSIs STILL hadn't finished grading, yet he cancelled office hours and "took the day off" to go to Oakland and protest. That seemed extremely irresponsible to me.</p>

<p>Really? That sucks.</p>

<p>Ironically, today (at noon) was the first time I've gone to office hours for something that I really needed.</p>

<p>VIDEO</a> Unprovoked assault by police on students #OccupyCal #OccupyBerkley #Solidarity - YouTube</p>

<p>you lazy hipsters make me sick.</p>

<p>And people wonder why many science and engineering people have zero respect for humanities majors...</p>

<p>That video is kinda hilarious because the protesters are completely over-reacting, as if they had <em>no</em> idea the police were going to come at them. lol
I agree that hipsters annoying the HELL out of me, but I know some really awesome, genuine people down at the protests. I just don't think anything useful is going to come from the way they're choosing to tackle the problem.</p>

<p>Also, the helicopter sounds are REALLY distracting me.</p>

<p>I just feel sorry for their parents.</p>


<p>NOT. More like make sure your friend is videotaping you so you go push up against the cops who are doing nothing but standing there and have warned you multiple times to not attempt to cross the boundary. One of my housemates is at Sproul right now (past midnight) and just texted us all to come join her because "occupy Berkeley needs our help!". </p>

<p>And yes she is a humanities major.</p>

<p>I'm going to occupy Berkeley but I'll be occupying for the 1%. Time to undermine these guys. :)</p>

<p>wow there sure are lot of cynics in here...</p>

<p>sure some of the protest people are going about it wrong or overreacting but most are doing it for genuine cause.</p>

<p>It's either the state, UC, or students that have to pay more and the students are receiving most of the money burden so it is a bit unfair</p>

<p>and protests do work.....sometimes, not always.</p>

<p>(no im not humanities/history major)</p>

And people wonder why many science and engineering people have zero respect for humanities majors...


<p>What makes you think that humanities majors are all occupy movement people? I'm a humanities major and I'm not out there chanting whatever they're told to chant. Your hypothesis is that no science people would do such a thing, when in fact, some of my engineering friends actually went to occupy oakland. </p>

<p>So stop trying to stereotype people based on their majors. </p>

<p>Logic of this thread:
1. Occupy people are ignorant and annoying
2. Therefore, they must be humanities majors
3. QED, humanities majors are ignorant and annoying</p>

You made the ASSUMPTION they were all humanities majors because of xyz behavior. Then attributed humanities majors to having xyz behavior because you assume they were all there.</p>

<p>I would agree that more activists tend to major in humanities. More activists support the occupy movement. So maybe there is some correlation, but to stereotype a whole group is wrong. Unless you went and took surveyed a representative sample of the protestors and noted their majors, then compared it to the general Berkeley population and found that there is significance in that humanities majors are disproportionate occupy protestors, then it's wrong to make the assumption that they are.</p>

<p>What I don't understand is why people assume that because they memorized the kreb cycle to regurgitate on a test that they, all of a sudden, become superior beings...</p>

<p>^lol @ engineers trying to politiks. </p>

I'm going to occupy Berkeley but I'll be occupying for the 1%. Time to undermine these guys.


the only thing those guys need to occupy is a JOB.
Maybe ucpd is hiring extra help for the weekend...</p>

<p>I was watching a live stream and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of democratic principles in action and the level of organization these protesters were able to achieve, given how messy everything seemed in terms of people and police everywhere. The double echo was pretty cool, haha :)</p>

<p>Is anyone actually serious about doing this? Because I would LOVE the chance to let these people know they don't speak for nearly as many as they'd like to believe. I think a short-term but well organized counter-protest is a great idea but idk if anyone else is into it.</p>

<p>^ sorry - referring to the occupy for the 1% post. My phone didn't post the original quote for some reason.</p>

<p>@StarryNights, I didn't say it was a good thing or a fair assumption that engineers think humanities majors are foolish activists, just that that IS what engineers think and that it's NOT SURPRISING that they think that way. I'm just saying that SOME humanities majors are so vocal about their support for protests and stuff that it's really easy for engineering majors to make generalizations like that, even if they aren't accurate. </p>

<p>For example, in the last 24 hours, 11 of my humanities friends from high school who go to Berkeley have posted a Facebook status supporting the protest (yes, I counted). Meanwhile, I do not see a single post from an engineering or science major supporting the protest. When you take into account that MOST of my friends are engineers, the difference between 11 and zero is even more dramatic. You can call me an idiot for generalizing (I probably am an idiot), but are you really surprised that I made that generalization, given those statistics? </p>

<p>I don't even remember the last time I heard an engineering major complain about the tuition increases. I guess I've heard a few out of state kids complain about their tuition, but that's about it (nothing about increases). I think the general consensus among us in-state engineers is that we're getting an insanely good deal, even with the potential 81% increase, especially compared to what some of our private school friends have to pay. So it surprises me that some of your engineering friends went to Occupy Oakland.</p>

<p>We should dress up as bankers, pull up in a limo, grill up some filets and lobster, set up the mobile satellite and TV, and sit there puffing cigars</p>

<p>The reactions would be great.</p>