What's going to happen if i received a D in my second semster English class?

<p>I have a 69.05% in my English class for second semester and my teacher did a mistake on grading one of my assignment, i already e-mailed her about it but she did not reply yet. If she does not change my grade and it remain as a D, what's going to happen to my admission of UCD?</p>

<p>I don't think a rescindence would be in order. Usually they rescind you for an 'F,' but 'Ds' may net you a simple slap on the wrist. Try everything you can to get that grade up to a C.</p>

<p>In your contract to UC Davis, you agreed that all your grades will be C or higher. Anything lower will be cause for rescission</p>

<p>English classes can sometimes be a challenge because of the time needed to write. Well do what you can to get a response from that teacher and get the grade you deserve. Someone from another forum said the teacher said "okay" to raising grade by completing extra assignments over the summer. Tell the teacher about your situation. They are more sympathetic than we realize.</p>

<p>I am in the same situation as you except that my teacher is not sympathetic. Good luck!</p>

<p>same problem in our house only it's UCSD and AP Physics-we're all really scared!</p>

<p>While other people are scaring you, I'll provide you with some tips:</p>

<p>If this is a grading error, teachers still are allowed to make grade changes for corrections/mistakes after the final deadline to submit grades. Just make sure you talked it over with your teacher and go to the office when the office hours are open to discuss with the administrator in head of grades (it's our vice principal, in this case). </p>

<p>Also, tell Davis right away what happened and what you're doing to rectify it through the Submit Change Grade Report on MyAdmissions, because a 69.05% can very easily happen if an assignment is missing like 10 points, and it goes up 1%. </p>

<p>The part I'd be concerned about is failing English, because at our high school, failing English makes you ineligible to graduate, since you need four years of it. Also, if you're missing units needed to graduate, that'd be bad too.</p>

<p>well D isn't considered failing, isn't it an F?</p>

<p>If I had a D+ going into the final grading period and i reported it but in reality i ended up with a C- what would happen to me?</p>

<p>Then you would be okay, I think you should contact them</p>

<p>Re-report it again, because you have nothing to lose by reporting, but it's all dependent on when it lines up with your final transcript.</p>

<p>Good luck to you!</p>

<p>So basically if you reported a D, but no one has contacted you yet, that is actually GOOD news. I got a D and no one contacted me via email yet, so I was worried. I called the UCD undergraduate admissions office and asked them to evaluate my admission status and they said even though I didn't meet the conditions of admissions, they did not rescind my admission. Make sure you contact them ASAP though</p>