What's in style for fall 2011?

<p>I just want to do some fall shopping soon, but have no idea what the trends are gonna be...are skinny jeans still in? Jeggings? Ponchos (lol)? What's new out there?</p>

<p>hell if I know</p>

<p>Please no jeggings. No ponchos. Cardigans still seem to be pretty "in." Floral patterns are still trendy, patterned tights, leather jackets, slouchy blazers, boyfriend jeans, bright colors.</p>

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<p>go search youtube</p>

<p>Cargo shorts definitely. Almost everyone on campus has a pair or two.</p>

<p>Just wear things that are comfortable and that you like. Although if you go shopping the things that are 'trendy' will probably on the mannequins.</p>

<p>Ponchos, definitely</p>

<p>Jacobean ruffs.</p>

<p>Well I work in the fashion industry, and while people keep making fun of ponchos we are selling capes, which are like ponchos with sleeves, for the fall.
There are 3 major trends that are picking up for fall, which is a classic country side look (think the people who weekend there, not live there), a 70s boho look, and basic color blocking simple one color articles of clothing against each other (i.e., royal blue dress with a mustard yellow cardigan.)
Leggings are very in for fall, in a wide variety of textures (regular, corduroy, suede). Even jeggings are selling very well.
Combat boots paired with girly dresses are very in as well.</p>

<p>Mind you, you need to dress in whatever you feel comfortable in and develop your own sense of style. Don't wear things that you don't like because it will show if you're uncomfortable in your clothes.</p>

<p>Color blocking, boho looks, and leggings have been "very in" for years.</p>

<p>I'm so glad I have a male reproductive organ which makes me immune to fashion seasons.</p>

<p>Why would you be glad about that.</p>

<p>Because I don't have to make threads like this one. Or spend more than 10 seconds getting dressed...including time to choose outfit.</p>

<p>This fall is all about FUBU and baggy jeans.</p>

<p>jeans and band t-shirts :cool:</p>

<p>What about cuchi shorts? ‪Nicki</a> Minaj Cuchi Shop‬‏ - YouTube</p>

<p>UAkid: you sound like a very stylish individual</p>

<p>/sarcasm :)</p>

<p>wait what? I was being serious what are you talking about!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>This is why I absolutely hate fashion:</p>

<p>The</a> Best Men's Designer Camo and When to Wear Camouflage: Wear It Now: GQ</p>

<p>A year or two ago if you told a "fashionista" if they liked camo they'd say "nuh-uh girlfraaaaaan, call the fashion police if you see that crime!" and now suddenly it's "fashionable."</p>

<p>Well ****! I've been ahead of the curve this whole time! :rolleyes:</p>