What's it like on move-out day ~ any tips?

<p>Can anyone provide info on tips on move-out day, what to avoid; just in general, what to be prepared for? Moving in was fairly organized, not sure about moving out...</p>

<p>There is no one "move-out" day. Typically students go home at the completion of their finals, and some students are done earlier than others. If you're done at the same time as many people in your building though then expect things to be slightly hectic with the elevators. I had a very late final my freshman year (in fact, I think it was the last time slot available), so I had no real problems with moving out because I ended up leaving Saturday morning.</p>

<p>you can go salvage stuff people leave behind if you have one of the later moveout dates... especially in the freshmen dorms. you'd be surprised what you find. everything from food to furniture to working flatscreen tvs and dvd players.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info... I think son's last final is early Friday. Basically, we just park the car and wait for him to load up the car... the real challenge is trying to find a parking spot. You brought up a good point about the elevators... I remember that on move-in day... thanks again.</p>