Whats life like after transferring to a UC?

<p>Easy to make friends?
Can you find your "group" even as a junior transfer?
Where do you live? Dorms or apartments?
How do you find roomates when youre new?</p>

<p>I have so many questions. Im so pumped!!! After 2 years of boring CC, I want to transfer to a UC already.</p>

<p>Can anyone describe their experience going from a CC to a UC?</p>

<p>all i know is, all the classes are getting harder x5. People are intelligent, less slacker, and this is where u may meet ur future wife :D</p>


<p>agree with classes being harder and more intelligent people but lawl at future wife. im going to ravage as many women as possible in college. serious</p>

<p>You aware?</p>

<p>-Majority of UC's (Except for Berkeley and Merced) uses quarter-system. Meaning the classes are only 10-weeks long => no room to mess up.
-A lot of writing since its research based
-And that's all I know for now lol; hopefully all of us will be fine after we transfer</p>


<p>^ Hm, I wonder how the UC quarter system compares for those of us on quarter system CC's. </p>

<p>So excited. :D</p>

<p>i go to de anza college. goes by quarter system. i asked my friend from ucla and ucd how it is after transfer. they both said its the same thing as de anza. just more people in the classes and they curve like crazy. also 3hr exams compared to the 2hr exams we have</p>


<p>de anza=smaller ucd/ucla?</p>

<p>^^based off of wat my friends say lol oh yeah, they said u have to read a lot more</p>

<p>this is my convo i had with him
me: if i get accepted lol how is ucla? harder than de anza yet? lol theres a lot of asian ppl there rite? feel at home?? lol jk xDDD
me: U C a Lot of Asians C:
him: just finished my econ final.... 3 hours exam is so intense. but other than that, its the same as de anza lol</p>

<p>^^sounds scary lol my top choice is ucsd D:</p>

<p>my summer school teacher told my class this: "u think its hard to get accepted to a school? its harder surviving once u get there"....</p>

<p>I've been at UCSD since last summer. Moved into The Village (transfer apartments) on the earliest possible move-in date. </p>

1) The Village itself is useless if you're looking to find friends. I'm a social guy so don't really care, as the point in me moving on campus was strictly that I didn't want to commute at all. But really, you don't really interact much with your neighbors, nobody has parties because they get rolled instantly (which I honestly prefer since I wouldn't party here anyway) and you generally won't meet many people here. I've met plenty of people in classes and around campus, just not at The Village. </p>


<p>3) Campus life isn't really that much of a change to me. I'm only about ~25 minutes from where I moved from, so I commute back there to hang with friends a couple times a week. Currently heading into my last final in 6.5 hours and hoping to maintain my 4.0 this quarter. </p>

<p>Overall, it's fun, just not anything I'll remember above and beyond the education I received. I met some cool people, went to an event or two, but overall the campus isn't exactly UCSB.</p>

<p>Meh, I'll be out of here spring quarter anyway.</p>

<p>...but what about the difficulty of courses/tests/homework/papers</p>

<p>I go to foothill which is in the same district of de Anza... Or the partner school.... Or something. We are quarter too. I think the difference will be that it's going to have more challenging classes, it'll be getting serious. I like the quarter system though! :)</p>

<p>Easy to make friends?
Can you find your "group" even as a junior transfer?
Where do you live? Dorms or apartments?
How do you find roomates when youre new?</p>

<p>You have the option. Of being put into a transfer dorms which would make it easier to make friends. I'd recommend it since we didn't have the freshman dorm experience. Roomates are revealed a while after being accepted. Like August or something</p>

<p>I'm at UCR right now trying to do intercampus so i've some knowledge of the qtr sys. </p>

<p>You just needa take every class seriously as it doesn't meet that many times as a semester system. First week of class is important as i have had midterms on week 2 or early week 3. Office hours esp. for math are always packed so be sure to get there early to hog the TA/Prof. So yeah, make sure you are consciously awake in all your lectures and kill yourself studying during finals week like me this week! :)</p>

<p>intercampus where? why did you choose UCR then?</p>

<p>thanks for that insight though. i understand what you're saying completely.</p>

<p>^ Yes yes...I know. I think I did make the mistake of choosing UCR instead of a CC as I wasn't thinking about transfer during senior yr of HS. (There's nothing wrong w/ UCR, really, except for its reputation i guess...) However on the bright side though, if I am able to do intercampus transfer, I would already be accustomed to the pace of a quarter system, so I guess it works out? </p>

<p>I applied to SD/LA/Cal/UCI.</p>

<p>I'm an Intercampus transfer currently at UCSB. I honestly don't think UC courses are that hard. I took 20 units this quarter (12 units being upper-division) and I almost certainly got a 4.0 (including some A+s). I've taken summer school courses at UCI that only last for 5 weeks and I've gotten an A in every one. Just show up to lecture. You won't believe the amount of people who don't go to lecture at UCs. It's insane. And the ones who go to lecture are always the ones that do well. The quarter does move pretty fast, and there is no leeway to bomb even a single assignment. That is probably the only stressful part of UC courses.</p>

<p>why do people go to UC and not utilize it when there are people in far away countries only WISHING to come to a UC. </p>

<p>waste of lifers. smh.</p>