Whats more fun??

<p>Whats more fun to work in... interior design or architecture? Also which one has a better salary?</p>

<p>Fun? Probably interiors. you get to play around with cool fabrics and materials, and what you are doing is not so much a matter of life and death (though there are still life safety issues to deal with). The jobs are completed much faster so you can see the results in a shorter amount of time. It is also not so serious, after all it is probably going to get ripped out in ten years anyway.</p>

<p>Who makes more money? In a commercial setting architects make more money. However the residential interior designers who sell antiques and art work to clients make a very good living.</p>

<p>There is no comparison in the rigor of the education, and most of the best commercial interior designers have architectural backgrounds.</p>


<p>Work is work, no matter if it's Architecture or Interiors. Frustrations all around. Honestly, we've never hired an Interior Designer, even though we do lots of interior renovation projects. We only hire licensed architects/architectural firms. So I don't exactly know what Interior Designers do. I could see if someone hires you, as Rick alluded to, to buy paintings or antiques for a lavish home. But how often is that going to really happen???</p>